Adobe software rules for ebay buy discount student version?

In response to a recent letter to Adobe School purchase Affiliate partners.. I got this attachment. I found it very informative? What do you think?

Dear Terry B

Journeyed and the software manufacturer Adobe understand that many customers may have multiple computers. Unfortunately the software manufacturers offer their products at an academic discount in order to assist faculty and students with their educational needs. It is not their goal to provide a copy for each computer owned by a customer therefore they have restricted academic versions to 1 copy per each qualified student/faculty. A full store version will usually allow you to download it more than once for all of your computers. Aprox 2-4 times per full version copy.

As a student/ or faculty member.. you are eligible to purchase only one copy of each software at the educational discounted rate. There is zero difference in the software. However, the student version is only downloadable once and it does not come with the flip thru paper booklet guide. It just comes with the full DVD-ROM software sets. You can get many variations of these tutorial booklets in any case at Barnes and Noble or Borders books. And with the money you save on student versions, you will have thousands of extra dollars to buy all these frills and maybe even a new pc or laptop. And of course there’s allways tutorials on

In the future; Should the product you purchase release a newer version you can then purchase 1 copy of the new release on your student id again and again and so on. If a street customer, or someone no longer enrolled in school needs more copies of a particular software.. they would need to then purchase the commercial version product at full price. But for all the extra money they will also get the tutorial flip thru paper booklet with their full version.

If there is more than 1 academically qualified person at any same residence, additional academic proofs can be submitted on that home account to allow additional purchases of a desired product to be made. Instead of just one per houshold. The internal tracking at Adobe is just to make sure who and how many they are buying. And they generally track purchases by address and name to prevent Scam and Software Burners from ordering tons of all the most expensive programs. You can buy only one of each of any software set or program as a student. There are dozens of varieties and you are able to purchase one or all of any/all of them. Adobe programs need a key and a serial number to be activated, they come with this in the DVD-ROM software case once verification has been submitted.

To buy from a student on ebay, you will want to make sure the student has not opened it, or at least make sure they have the serial key numbers that came with their set and offer a refund if it doesn’t work. This way their version should work for the next person to aquire the software set. And there is no reason it shouldn’t. Adobe has no way of tracking who has it once it leaves their wearhouse paid for and with the serial numbers/ key number enclosed. They are not gps satellite or ein tracked programs, nor can they be, and most importantly- Adobe cannot read your intentions to sell your work if you created it with student discount purchased software, versus full price retail version software. This is not the Minority Report Staring Tom Cruise- or The Matrix. At least not yet! Should you have any further questions about Our Adobe Partnership please feel free to contact Customer Service.


Customer Service Department
Journey Education Marketing
(800) 874-9001 – Toll Free
(972) 481-2150 – FAX

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