How do I link to a server page on an XHTML document?

Okay, this is a little complicated for me, so Im going to try to keep it as simple as possible. is a website that my school uses to provide students with server space. I’ve got a few pages set up here.

This is the homepage to a homepage for a fake company that our Webmastering teacher told us to make as homework. If you copy and paste that URL and go to it, it doesn’t open in a new page. Instead, a window comes up asking if you want to download the file.

If you hit open, it’ll show my webpage. Look at the links on the top of the page. The links on top go to fake websites not affiliated with mine. However, the two on the bottom, “Investors Relations” and “Marketing”. Like the other page, it prompts the user to open or save a file.

I just want those two links to go straight to a webpage hosted on my server without having to go through the “open/save” window.

Please help, I’m terrible at this stuff.

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