Establishing a Web Server …simple But Wrong Idea!

Several times user finds him/her in dilemma of to whether host the site by him/her self or should heir a host to command it. Some people do it by themselves due to any reason whether to learn something new or to save sufficient money. This article deals with the same issue i.e. the way a user can host a web site from his/her own home.

Generally, people holds a mind set that only a professional hosting company can properly tackle the responsibility of hosting a website. But in real sense, one can compare a server to software running as per clientâ??s instructions.

What way one receive a web server? One can receive several Windows operating systems along with a web server requiring a mere installation. One can find web servers which can be downloaded without any charge. The aim of writing this article is to discuss the concepts and requirements of the web server for a successful running, making it reachable to public. One can find dissimilarity between every web server; however, the root concept is identical. A user while surfing along general concepts can easily discover the necessary material.

If one needs to describe a web server then it is a server listing to userâ??s requirements for a specific page, finds its exact location and delivers it to the user as per requirement. After this one can say that a user requires two things to get the web server configured.

Requirement no.1

User should command web server the location to seek userâ??s web site. Website may contain multiple pages. One needs to trace the path of the folder to web server where he/she locate the web pages.

Requirement no.2

One should notify about the default page to his/her web server. One can consider it a page displayed when one types in their respective browser excluding specification of page. If we will talk about specific web server having already some default page names like “index.html” so now if one is having a page with this name it will be displayed by default, when no document is specified in the request by the user. One many also add some more default file names to his/her web server. However if one donâ??t want to name his/her file “index.html” then he/she can direct his/her web server that his/her default page’s name is “mainpage.htm.”

If one talks about the most efficient ways by which one can work efficiently with web server then surely the mentioned points will work as a boon. Thus we wish best of luck to our readers who can act wisely and work effectively even later without any hurdle.

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