Host: Ruler of the Web

If one believes on a recent investigation, then, there are around 50,000 web-hosting providers in the market fighting for the survival. Each day dozens of new web hosting companies put their feet on the burning ground, desperately fighting to come in the eyes of people with a privilege to host their services.

One can call hosting industry quite new, but dangerous from the aspect of cutthroat competition. Still, placing itself in the markets with a definite and good future. About 50,000 websites are launched every week, which demands online space for hosting. This data is stretching its legs day by day.

If one talks about a shocking truth, then the output of the term ‘web hosting’ this month in Yahoo was over 2 million (accurate data was 2,149,851)!

In addition to it, due to increasing popularity of blogs, numerous new blogs are launched each day. However, several of these are hosted for free; but relatively serious bloggers requires an account kept with a dependable web host.

In fact, each paid hosting account demands minimum one domain name registration.

Growth of Domain Name Registration:

If one talks about the top-level domain until now on the basis of reliability and popularity then it will be. Com.

At present probable registration of this domain is about 40 million. The .com experiences a monopoly with more than 70 % of the market share in its hand. The .net is at the second position with 10% of the market share in its hand.

Due to ruthless competition in the market, clients concern to web hosting and domain name are enjoying outstanding deals. As aim of web hosting provider is to convince the customers, so that they can increase their market share.

It is due to severe competition only that one can enjoy a quality service just by paying only $10 a month. Domain names which few time ago was available at $35 was come down to $4.99 only.

Thus it produces a win – win situation for both the dealing parties i.e. the web hosting providers and their clients. The new hosting providers can definitely impress their customers and can strengthen their roots in the web hosting market.

Hence, one cannot get an enhanced opportunity than this to make an Internet presence.

So, go and make a mark!!

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