Is Free Hosting Really Free? Five Things to Consider Before Selecting a Free Web

No doubt, there are several free web hosting accounts that are free to use, but they will cost the user a lot of money, time, and customers as well as if he/she possess a site that is meant for work related to business and is more than the simplest site possible. One should throw light on the following things to know why free web hosting might cost him/her more than what he/she had bargained at the time of signing up.

Thought no.1 Bandwidth

Often, one can say that free web hosting providers offers the user little bandwidth which denotes that it will take longer for his/her page to load. If a page takes more than 10 seconds to load then the user will lose visitors because they will just move on. Due to this reason, one might lose a lot of customers and sales from his/her facility of free web host.

Thought no.2 Advertising

It is a universal consideration that many free web hosting companies are “free” to the user, yet, the user will have advertising posted on his/her website in addition to pop up ads. Several people do not like such thing and avoid visiting user’s site due to this reason. One should be careful about signing up with a free web hosting company that use to advertise. It probably may not bother the user in the beginning, but it will perhaps affect his/her traffic and sales.

Thought no.3 Web Capacity

By considering that, web host is free; one cannot desire for an ample of web space. Often people do not get the space they require to upload their web page and which include all of their information. The user should confirm that there is sufficient amount of space available from his/her free web space provider and it should properly match with the required elements of the user’s web pages.

Thought no.4 Reliability

Another point to consider while selecting free web hosting is reliability. Often time’s limitations are put on one’s traffic flow and if one exceeds this, his/her site may be disabled for a period of time or one may even receive a bill. Thus one should find out what the rules for traffic and what can be the consequences if one exceeds his/her limit.

Thought no.5 Limitations

In most of the cases, one’s free web host will have rules regarding the size of photos, its upload, icons etc. One should check in advance these things before signing up the contract as if this facility is not available then one is not in a position to upload his/her own photos and then he/she has to check for any other host..

While talking technically, free web hosting is free but in reality it indirectly costs much especially in the long run because it limits activity and business from occurring at the rate set by consumers. Due to this if one’s business is growing and his/her site is experiencing big traffic then free web hosting is really going be an expensive affair. Thus instead of getting in trouble afterwards its better to check in advance if a free server will really be worthwhile and thereafter one should make a plan for change and growth ahead of time as everyone works with a desire to grow.

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