Route to Select a Web Host

There are many people who wants to have a presence on internet, purpose can be various; it can be whether business purpose, or just for personal reasons, but the second part of this process consists of a daunting task called selection of hosting service. A host who is affordable, providing maximum uptime, adequate bandwidth support, suitable web-space, and brilliant customer service and support is just like a dream and users usually do not get such an all rounder, still patient and strategic decision can provide user a dream output.

Here, user’s requirements and purpose of actual site plays a key role. If the web site required to be hosted is a commercial website, then uptime of the concern server matters the most. If the uptime were less than 99.5% then it can be lethal for a commercial web site. This is because if one’s site is suffering downtime and at that very moment search engines index the sites then one’s site may loose an opportunity as well as business. In addition to it, if there is any customer who visits the site finding it unable to publish it can create a negative impression in his/her mind. If the web site is meant for a non-profit organization, a club or for personal use designed for limited use then user should not concern about 99.5% uptime.

If one talks about another matter for consideration then it will be the quantity of file space that is provided by hosting company. If one talks about an average commercial web site then it usually enclose around few hundred web pages, some java or php scripts and image, multimedia files etc. One can surround all these details in the web space of about 50 to100 Mega Byte. But when it comes to additional space, charges differ from host to host.

Another concerning aspect is Bandwidth. If the site is meant for personal snaps then there will be no immense amount of traffic. But if user possess an Ecommerce site and have a huge amount of traffic each day then he/she should enquire how much amount of bandwidth does user offers for a month.

One should also ensure that what are the additional features in the package. Does the host provide only 3 email accounts, or rather up to 100? Can user establish sub domains along with it? What sorts of technologies does it adapt to? For example, if user plans to use PHP, he/she should confirm the installation of PHP in the server.

At the end, one should account repute of host in the market. It’s experience in the sector? What is their customer service standard?

If one values his/her web site then going along with a high standard and dependable web host is recommended, as it is always said, “prevention is better than cure”.

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