What would be the best way to market my Web 2.0 service site?

I’m CEO of Zenitum, Inc, a small startup company in Seoul, Korea. We launched a web 2.0 service web site called Envible.com (http://www.envible.com) few weeks ago. Primary focus on the site is “infomal learning.” In Envible, people can meet ohters over the world and engage in conversion sessions then learn things.
We took casual conversion based informal learning metaphor to the site. The site allows people to share knowledge pakaged in multimedia files (i.e. videos, audios, documents, etc). Also, it has a similar features like here, answers,yahoo.com, for posting specific questions. Moreover, people can meet on our free flash based web conference so that they can teach & learn. By allowing saving the web conference sessions, other people with same interests can learn by re-palying it later. My intetion was to create upward sprial effect which people create more knwoledge based on others’ knowledge.
What would be the best way to market this baby to the world? Plz give me some idea!

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