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Best way to make money online as good as Google adsense or amazon affiliates?

My wife and I are aware of Amazon Affiliates and Google Adsense as the best ways to make money from a website. Do you know of another ads, product selling, or affiliate program that does as well or better than these two? We get good traffic. Adsense and Amazon associates do much better than CJ

How many clicks do you need to earn money on Adsense?

Ok, so I have just started using Adsense on google and so far I’ve got 28 clicks but no earnings. How many clicks do I need to earn money?

I have a Google Adsense account and my dad wants to start his own account with the same address. Is it allowed?

I have my own adsense account and my dad wants to start his own with the same address and ip address. Is it okay or not allowed?

How to input Google Adsense into my wordpress Blog?

I am using the WordPress theme ChaoticSoul. It has a picture on the top as a blog header. I want to place my adsense directly underneath this picture. Can help advice on where I need to place my codes? Thanks.

How do i build a software to protect my goggle adsense account?

tired, my account invalid click. idea— can i change ip address if i register new goggle adsense account, same computer, is goggle approve or not? my broadband internet connection is PPPoE.

How much money does an average person make posting Adsense ads on their blogs?

Google’s “blogger” gives you the option of putting ads called Adsense on your blog. Do they generate a lot of revenue? How much traffic can a blog from Joe Blow get? Is there an average range?

How many clicks and/or impressions do you need to start making money with Google Adsense?

I have adverts on my website using Google Adsense and i was wondering how many clicks or/and impressions (page views) do you need to begin making money? Thanks

How long do you need to wait until you can get Google AdSense?

My cousin wants to get Google AdSense along with his site, but he’s going to work on his site this month and more. Tonight he’s getting a domain. Do you need to wait 6 months before you can get Google AdSense?

How much does it cost to create an adsense ad?

I’m thinking that the only way to properly advertise and get views and ad clicks on my site is to advertise on other sites through adsense. How much does this cost, and how is it charged(per ad, per click, both?) Thanks for your help!

How difficult is it to pass the google adsense payment threshold of $100 and how hard is it to really profit?

I have started writing online articles on a number of different sites that allow me to affiliate with google adsense, which puts ads on my articles. I was wondering if I write good articles, could I make decent pocket money off this or is this a waste of time? Is anyone doing this and making