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Is it legal to buy and then resell things on ebay for the purpose of income without declaring it?

I’ve had to buy a couple things on ebay recently and i’ve noticed that the same items sell for a lot more or less depending on the way they are listed. (pictures, description etc.) It’s become obvious to me that this disparity could be exploited to make some easy money, maybe £50 a week on

I would like to start a web based business like ebay?

Either like ebay or Craigslist. How do you get started online with a website for the least amount of money? I would need someone help me with the design of the sight, advertising on the site as well as ecommerce. Any recommendations?

What happens if Ebay find out you have more than one account?

Is it against the rules? I know this guy right. He was selling something on Ebay. Decided he didn’t want to sell it. So he ended up setting up another account, placed a winning bid then left posotive feedback. He lost no money by doing this and gained positive feedback on each account. Surely that

Can I buy Cheaper but Genuine Microsoft Office Software compare to ebay?

Can I buy Cheaper but Genuine Microsoft Office Software compare to ebay??? Actually I am a ebay seller. And I have found that Microsoft Office software sells like a hot cake on ebay. Now I am looking for a place where I can buy these softwares at cheaper prices and then resell them on ebay

What type of software application does Ebay resemble?

My computer teacher wants me to write a full page essay on Ebay. What it is and what you do with it. Most importantly she wants to know whay type of software application Ebay most closely resembles. Any thoughts? I’m thinking the instructor is looking for whether it is a database, excel or something like

How do you insert pictures into you item description on EBay?

I’m listing an item on EBay and I’m filling out the item description now. How do people insert pictures and line them up here? Thanks.

How do I authorize my credit card for reimbursements on Ebay?

How do I authorize my credit/debt card for reimbursements on Ebay?

How to get back on ebay after suspension?

So after using ebay for a couple of years and selling i had a very good business and 100% feedback. My ebay got suspended, i have no idea why. I have a new credit card to sign up with, a new bank account, what else do i need to do to not get caught? New

What happens when you commit to buy something on ebay but dont go through with paying?

I mean how else could you see or even get the total of several items? or ask for shipping consolidation? you basically can’t do anything, not even see the total cost, before you commit to buy something? there’s got to be some limited time after to allow you to withdraw your buy? so, what’s up

How can I keep in good contact with my ebay product buyer and what steps should I take to send the item?

I just made an ebay account and i am selling Call of Duty: World at War. Someone bought it and I was wondering what steps a good seller would take to contact the buyer, receive payment, and ship the item. I live in Connecticut, I put shipping at $2.99, I have paypal, and I’m shipping