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Advice on purchasing or building a laptop.?

I need something to simply write on. I need nothing fancy. I simply need a laptop that I can put microsoft word onto and carry around. Would it be possible to build one myself for around $100? I’m seeing some on craigs list for $165 and $200 but they are older and one needs a

building pc compatibility site?

is there a site that lists what parts for building a custom pc are compatible and can recommend how large of a power supply would be needed?

What are the necessary parts, tools, and skills required to build a custom laptop?

I want to build a custom laptop by buying the parts and necessary components because I figured out that you can create a high speed computer while saving quite a bit of cash at the same time. However, I wanted some feedback before actually going about doing so because building a desktop is relatively easy

Need estimate on computer retail price for one im building.?

I need an estimated retail price for this computer im building (Im gonna sell it on Ebay). After reading the specs listed below, please give an educated estimate on how much you think it would sell for. Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz Processor 4 GB Ram 1024 GB Hard Drive BD-RW 2x Disk Drive

Is there a program to help get friends for facebook?

I’m trying to build a friend list on facebook but I don’t want to go to each person to request to be a friend. I want to know if there a program that can help you build a list fast.

Do You Know of an Excellent Membership Management Software?

The Software must be: -easy to use – intuitive- for both members and back-room users -monthly payment -24-7 live telephone tech help / English Speaking -can create private password-only areas -can create non member /general area -some marketing capability eg list building -compatible with 1shopping cart, auto-responder weber, click-bank -effective & efficient etc TY

building my own computer?

can you guys please tell me which parts to use when building my computer? my budget is $350. im not a gamer just surfing the web, watch movies and download music. so can you guys give me a list of parts for a complete build?

Python list.insert(i,x) weird behavior?

When I used list.insert(i,x) , I assumed that it will replace the current value x at position i with a new value of x at position i. When I test the list, I got these weird results. 1. 5 elements built into list L [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] 2. Going back and trying

How could one implement Google Suggest without Google?

If you’ve used Google Suggest or the Firefox built-in search, both of them suggest common searches as you type. For example, if you type “Britney”, it might suggest Britney Spears Britney Spears Shaved Head …and so on. I know Google can do this because they have a huge database of what people have searched for

I am building a computer and am having a hard time in choosing the best processor for the money.?

I am going to be playing a lot of graphic intense game and would LOVE to stay away from any lag, so I would like to pick a processor that will meet my needs for playing new games and using my computer normally without having it slow to a crawl. I have heard bad things