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What rendering format offers the best video quality on sony vegas pro 9?

I am uploading videos on youtube and I can not decide between MP4 and avi, even wmv. I just want the one that offers the best video quality.

How do i make a youtube comment video link?

I’ve seen lots of people making these little blue links like this – 0:09 – but they are blue and underlined. When you press the link, it moves your youtube video to the spot that the numbers say in the video you are watching. So if it says 0:52 then it will go to the

What are the videos links that come up after a video on youtube?

When you are on youtube and you are watching a video, when the video is over what is the videos that come up after? is it what the uploader watches the most? or is it who whates the video the most?

How do i post a video to facebook without violating copyright laws?

i have been trying to upload a video to my facebook for a while now and it says im violating a copyright law, im assuming for the song playing during my video… i’ve tried typing “copyright The Ting Tings “keep Your head” from their album We Started Nothing” and other variations of that into the

Why when I try to upload a video to youtube it keeps saying error?

It also says error for previous videos I already upload. I used windows movie maker to make the video. I comes out as wmv. I know what to do I never happened before. It is less than 10 minutes. I never uploaded the video during maintenance. I did press save as and publish it to

How long can a youtube video be?

I created a youtube account and am planning on posting a video soon but I don’t know how long it can be. I have heard that the limit was 13 minutes but I have seen a video that was a half an hour long.

What is the best time to upload video on youtube?

I uploaded a video on youtube but there is a lot of video was also uploaded at the same time with the same keywords? Now my video will never be notice.

How do I upload a video or audio to Youtube without any offensive actions?

When I upload a video, sometimes YouTube says that this video can’t be viewed in ______ country and that somebody owns it laugh out loud. What’s the good way?

How do I download a video I uploaded to YouTube back to my PC?

I uploaded a video awhile ago to You Tube from My Computer. I lost the file and need to retrieve it. Is there a way to download “Uploaded Videos”?

How can I cut a video in sony vegas pro 8 and save it?

My video is too long so I wanna cut it then save the 2 parts of the video to upload it to youtube,Im new in this sony vegas thing so I would appreciate some help. Thanks.