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Where Can I Learn Open-Source Web Development?

I am a computer programmer with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and have experience developing applications software. I would like to learn how to be a web-developer, using Java, HTML, CSS, JDBC, JSP. Is there is good place to learn this online?

Do W3 certifications carry any weight in the Web Development?

Or is it a waste of time effort and money?

What is the best web development software…?

that requires little knowledge of coding; that could use a template for all pages; and is relatively cheap? Thanks!!

Web development server side or client side?

Hi, i am studying web development in school. I am trying to decide which option to special in. Which one should i do? Web development server-side option or web developlent client-side option? Please state your reasons?

I can’t find a web development major?

What would that be called? I know I could major in Computer Science but I know after school I specifically want to do web development. How do I get around this? I found Web Development on college board and they renamed it Web/Multimedia Design (even though I’m not interested in the design aspect). I did

What is the Best Combination of Web Development Languages/Tools/Platforms?

I want to build a social network so obviously i’m going to need databases, user logins, communication tools etc. Since i’m starting from the bottom it’s best to integrate the right languages in right away. Should I use Java/PHP/MySQL? or try some of these other crazy things like AJAX?

how do you price web-development work?

As a freelance web developer/designer, I have been asked by a client to give the cost of some proposed work – I have no idea on how to price this web dev work. Any ideas?

What Kind of things do you need to know for Web Design as oppose to Web Development?

I am good at web GUI development. What can I be called?

I am a freak in web application development with Dreamweaver, Visual Web Developer, Visual Studio .Net, I do more of GUI – and good designs too. I know a little of C#.Net language. What can I possibly be called in the Web Application Development field?

What is the advanced technology in web development ?