5 Steps In Domain Registration

Before we can begin blogging, we need to register a domain name. Trust me, it could be one of your most exciting experience since getting your first kiss. Think of the domain name you want and as a start, I would recommend that you go to registrars like GoDaddy.com or Domain.com and others depending on your preference (I assume the procedures in using other registrars are similar to using godaddy). For those of you whom are afraid of the hassle, you can always get a free blog from blogger.com, livejournal.com, blogspot.com, weebly.com and, well, just type “free blogging sites” in Googles. Point to the desired site, and it will teach you on how to go about it.

However, I can tell you, it’s different when you actually own the domain (subject to yearly renewal though) where you can absolutely brag about it. All right, I will put the steps in domain in 5 step point form:

1. Go to GoDaddy.com, type a name with the domain extension you desired; .com, .net, .org., .mobi.

2. Try your best to go for a .com extension as far as possible, and if you can’t get it, go for the next best option, .net then .org. (Remember, at this point, you must prevent yourself from being addicted in chasing for domain names. Many people can just go broke because of this. We are bloggers, not domainers).

3. After finding your desired domain name, register your personal details in GoDaddy.com and get a login username.

4. After step 3, don’t proceed with the purchase yet! Go and type in “godaddy coupon” in Googles and look for bargains. Click on the desired coupon and it will lead you back to godaddy website.

5. Get your credit card ready and make the purchase. Your very own domain!

I am Robin, a business manager employed by a major organization in Malaysia. I want my own business, and what better way to start than to have my own websites and blogs that would drive in income for me.I am handling two projects:



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