A Guide to Acquiring Expired Domain Traffic

Expired domain traffic denotes visitors that come from sites with expired domains. Expired domains refer to those domains whose registration their owners either forgot or intentionally neglected to renew.

Expired domains generally have already been listed with search engines, have acquired their own following and continue to get traffic from people who are unaware that the sites they would like to visit are no longer active. Some web masters take advantage by redirecting traffic from these expired domains to their sites instead.Advantages of Acquiring Expired Domain Traffic

If you think about it, getting expired domain traffic redirected to your site makes perfect sense. If you have already tried all website promotion tools available to the modern web master yet your web traffic is not showing any improvement, expired domain traffic can give your web stats a mighty boost.

The owners of the previous domain have already worked hard on their domains. They must have done all the website promotion necessary to get their share of internet traffic. Thus, these non-operational sites will continue getting visitors.

These visitors are not doing the expired sites any good. Neither do these visitors get anything out of visiting expired domains. Redirecting expired domain traffic to your site makes for better web traffic to your site while it helps the unwitting souls who would have gained nothing by visiting redundant domains. By redirecting expired domain traffic to your site, everybody wins.How to Acquire Expired Domain Traffic

There are actually two main methods of getting expired domain traffic redirected to your site. One, you can look for and purchase expired domains yourself or you can make use of an expired domain traffic redirection company. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Purchase and manage your own

In the first alternative, you need to visit domain registration sites selling expired domains. Look for domains that contain the keywords that are likely to bring the visitors you are targeting to your site. After you have purchased these defunct domains, simply set up a redirection mechanism on these domains so that anybody who visits the non-operational site gets redirected to yours.

Purchasing and managing your own expired domains means that you have ultimate control over the redirected traffic that you get. You can choose only expired domains that are getting the kind of visitors you want for your site. Unfortunately, however, it is time consuming to look for and purchase expired domains. It is also quite expensive if you are going to purchase more than a few obsolete domains. It is even more time consuming to manage and continue to develop expired domains in order to provide and sustain a decent traffic flow.

Subscribe to an expired traffic domain service

The second alternative is easier and less expensive. If you engage the services of expired domain traffic services, you won’t need to seek and pay for expired domains yourself since the service provider already has them. Once you subscribe to such a service, the company will begin redirecting traffic to your site from expired domains in its portfolio that fit your website profile.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies will generate false expired domain traffic through unique traffic generation software. In this case, you are paying for so-called expired domain traffic that will not make you any sales. Therefore, if you choose this alternative, make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. Be careful in choosing your provider of expired domain traffic. Redirected Visitors is an established wholesaler of expired domain traffic and continues to set the standard with new technology increasing the level of targeting possible from redirection.

Marc Dady is the CEO of 3 successful online businesses. He uses his experience as an SEO and particularly his experience in expired domains to provide services to clients worldwide. Redirected Visitors delivers targeted expired domain traffic with over 22 million unique visitors served each month.

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