Beware Your Domain Name


Anyone who is seeking to find the right name for their web site should understand that there are problems and mistakes that one can make when looking to set up a domain name, especially if one does not realise the unpublished trickery and crookery that goes on with the domain name world. If one sees what cunning, craftiness and deception that goes on when one is establishing a domain name, you can better protect your business and domain name interests from the start. This is something that everyone should read before establishing their web site.


So you want to start a new web site, and you have that unique domain name, and there are just so many web hosts to choose from, right? You are sure that you have a domain name which no-one else has thought of, right? Then, you go to the hosting company of your choice and look! In their wonderful kindness, they even allow you to see if your domain name is already taken. Isn’t that kind. You can enter your beloved domain name and wham! Someone already has it registered or not. If it is already registered then you have the trauma of selecting another “Dot Something” else in your web postfix, such as a “.net”, “.biz”, “.eu”, “org”, etc. But, what happens when you find that the name you have is not already taken? Should you not rejoice and celebrate that you’ve got exactly the domain name what you want? Well, you should be strongly advised that you have just entered the, “rip and skip” zone, because are you ready to have, “the carpet pulled from under your feet”?. Well, I can hear you ask, What? Why? And how is this? Therefore, I am going to tell you.

Mistake Number One – Don’t Use Web Hosts To See If The Name You Want Is Already Taken.

If you use any web host to search for the availability of your name, you are asking for trouble, because if you find that your name is free and available for you, such as a domain name like:, and you decide that you are going to go away and decide what you are going to do about, well, when you come back and decide that you are going to purchase the name, from the said web host, you will unexpectedly find that the “unique” name for your web site, which you previously found was not “taken”, is now not only ”taken”, but is now up for sale! In some instances, you can expect to pay a lot more than the traditional fee for registering your domain name. For example, if to register your domain name and to have it hosted originally cost $60.00 Dollars for the year, that is, the cost of your registered domain being around $12.00 Dollars, then you might find that your new domain name – which is now up for sale – will now cost you, hypothetically, $120.00 Dollars to purchase and to register. I have found this fact to be true at least for the last 8 years, so you have to be careful.

Test This For Yourself And See!

When you do have a lovely and unique domain name for your web site, do this before purchase your web site:

Firstly, use Google or Yahoo or another search engine of your choice and enter the web domain that you like and see if any results are found in the results page. If nothing comes up then you could also visit web sites such as or and enter the name there. If your domain comes up, then you will be able to see who owns it, when it was bought, and who hosts the web site. Again, if nothing comes up in the aforementioned web sites, then you can be absolutely certain that it does not exist and that it is not taken. In some instances you should not despair if the name seems to be already registered, because it could now be expired. Look at the date to see if the web site is expired or if it still current. Also, you will be able to see if the web site has been renewed. Then you will be able to come to your own judgements.

For those of you who are still sceptical, then try this, you will experience and interesting eye opener:

Go to any web host of your choice, especially the ones which allow you to search for a web domain. Enter in a false domain name such as, “”. Then leave it and come back later that day to the same web host or another and enter the same domain again. I can guarantee that the name that you chose will be “taken” and up for sale! Here is another interesting thing, you should also find that the domain name will also be taken for: “.biz”, “.net”, “.org”, “”, etc., are all also taken and ready for sale, that is, directly back to you.

In some instances, if you do not purchase your domain name immediately, you will find within 6 hours, (depending on the web host), that your domain name is already taken. Therefore, be warned and be wiser.

I am a Software Developer, with some professional web site builing experience. Over the years I have bought a few web sites for a number of companies and clients.

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