Cheap Domain Names, Hosting & Registration is Easy to Find Now Days

So you have a dream for a web site, an exciting idea or something you want to accomplish on the web. Well in order to get started on the exciting Internet you must first find a domain name and hosting provider. But not just any provider, we recommend that you find a cheap domain name and cheap domain hosting provider. Your web domain name is an address that points to your web site. Telling the world where to go to find your site. These domain names come in the form of dot com’s, dot net’s and so on.

First, what is a domain name. Well a domain name is going to be the alpha numeric address that people will use to find your web site on the internet. If you tell some one about your web site you will give them your domain name to pull it up. Your domain name is connected directly with your hosting provider so that your web site can be held on the internet.

I want to explain in this article the reasonable prices you should expect to pay to obtain cheap domain hosting and cheap domain registration. When it comes to finding a domain name, all of the popular dot com’s and dot net’s are very affordable if purchased from the right provider. We don’t recommend buying one of these names for over $10 per year, because this is becoming almost an industry standard for price concious providers.

If you are starting your first web site and it doesn’t have a large marketing budget up front, you should opt for a cheap domain hosting package to help get your web site online. A hosting provider holds all the files that compile your web site on the internet. Without a hosting provider, unfortunately nobody will be able to see your web site on the internet. An affordable price to pay for this service would be under $10 per month. For this price you should receive telephone support and lots of neat futures. Neat features that I recommend you obtain for your web site would be Scripts that can easily be launched from your control panel such as shopping carts, forums, blogs and more. Many cheap domain hosting companies will also give you free credits for google marketing and yahoo marketing products which is awesome for getting your site off the ground and gaining traffic.

You may wonder how to choose the best hosting company for your web site, I am going to give you a few tips that should definitely help you out in determining this. Like I mentioned before you must find a company with telephone support. I recommend you test out the email support to see how long it takes to get a response from their support center. You can also find many providers that will give you a 1 or 2 month money back guarantee for domain hosting services. Often times domain names are not refundable however. You must focus hard on finding a company that you are comfortable dealing with and that meets all of your needs.

If you have a large web site that you need hosted online, we recommend that you consider either managed VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server environment. These 2 services are only recommended for web sites that receive a large amount of traffic to their web site. The reason I recommend this is because some times your sites performance can be sacraficed if you get in to a standard hosting account. Standard hosting accounts are often times referred to as shared hosting accounts. If you are unsure of what you need, I recommend obtaining a regular hosting account for now and you can upgrade later if necessary.

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