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Domain registration has always be the critical first step to any type of internet presence that you or your company wants to develop. On the web, the domain is equivalent to your address. But, do remember that until you put a house on that piece of property, it is still only an address. The same is true with a domain. Domain registration gives you your first step in establishing your digital place of business.

The word domain itself has several meanings, but the one that is most suited to gaining a full understanding of this is a realm or range of personal knowledge, responsibility, etc. There are also definitions that are more detailed that address the area of computers, such as this: The top level in a domain name, indicating the type of organization, geographical location, or both, and officially designated in the suffix, as .com for commercial enterprises in the US.

Thus, a person’s domain becomes their realm and their range of personal knowledge. That is what you see on the internet today. Thousands upon thousands of domains have been registered and websites created and maintained all showing that person’s or company’s realm and range of personal knowledge.

Domain registration is where it all begins. The goal is to locate some good registrars, find a domain name that is perfect for your company or yourself, and then register that name. Now that you have registered your domain, you can get it hosted and you can get your website development under way.

Some commonly asked question about domain registrars are, What is the best place to register my domain? Or Where can I find a good registrar? Also, How do I know if this is the right registrar for me?

To gain an answer to these questions, it is a good idea to determine what you will actually need from the registrar. For example, is it going to be a simple domain registration and nothing more? Will you need the registrar to also be able to provide hosting for your domain? Does the registrar offer special services such as DNS, name servers, and domain forwarding? Do you need these services as a part of your long term domain registration. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it would be a good idea to interview the person or people who will be developing your website. In most cases, they will know what precisely you need out of a domain registrar and the best place to go for domain registration.

However, it is advisable for you to also do your own internet searches using words like domains, domain registrations, and domain registrars. You will find that hundreds of companies exist, which can be daunting at first, but just check out a few of the registrars, and even talk with your programmer or website designer to get a feel for what they like or dislike about the domain registrars you have looked into.

The most important thing to remember is that your domain is your realm. You want to start out with the right domain name, registered at the domain registrar service that will work best for you in the long run.

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