Domain Registration Private

There are a few benefits that a domain registration private offers compared to public registration. First, the purpose of a private registration is to protect your privacy online. Offshore domain registries are located in jurisdictions where privacy has been written into laws. Such registrars usually do not require any personal details from its clients. And domain registration is usually a one click process that only needs your email.

The major benefit of a private domain registration is anonymous or private NameServers which look like and in WHOIS. These allow you to manage your domain by only changing the IP of your web host. IPs usually propagate fast and offer a hassle-free domain management solution. Whether you host on a shared or dedicated IP, you can always point your private domain to it within seconds and still keep anonymous NameServers in WHOIS.

The private WHOIS details are those of your private domain registry. If it is an offshore registrar located, say, in Panama, there will be the Panamian address, phone number and fax number. All inquiries about your domain will have to go through your private registrar. In this way you can avoid scam and spam emails about your domain. Serious inquiries will be forwarded to you by the registrar to your email.

At any time you may replace the private registrar’s details with your own or those of your company for your private domain. This gives you a lot of flexibility in managing your private and public information. If you work with trusted private registrars, there is no way you can lose your domain and offshore registrars actually add a higher level of security and privacy for you. There are no drawbacks for private domain registrations. It does not affect your domain’s search engine rankings, your admission to affiliate programs, etc. In fact, domain registration private gives you more flexibility, security and, of course, privacy online.

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