Global Domain Registration

If you think websites are mushrooms that simply grow anywhere, think again.

Creating a website is sure easy with templates provided for you. Registering your domain name is an entirely different thing.

Purchasing your domain name through domain providers are e breeze as you only need to sign- up and pay their registration and monthly fees. However, to control domain registration, a body called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was commissioned.

Specifically, there are also domain registration overseer bodies per country. Their task is to control and oversee the domains created.

This is important for business people like you as you have to be sure that your domain name is registered- because if not, your website and e-mail on that domain will not work.

The actual registration or domain registrar is not ICANN itself nor the end-user of the domain. There are registered and designated domain registrars that actually do the registration of domains. They are legitimate and legal as they are recognized by the higher bodies in domain name registration such as ICANN. They are also summoned to edit or modify and delete certain information about a domain name.

This is one of the primary reasons why domains are not free. They are purchased because a lot of technical registration has to be done by the domain registrar before the domain name actually works. Maintenance of the domain name is also another thing.

There are also scams in global domain registration. Some will say that they are designated registrar and legitimate sellers of a certain domain. Check with your local domain body.

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