How Web Hosting and Domain Registration Help in SEO

When we think of search engine rankings, we consider all aspects of SEO. Right from keyword research, meta tags optimization and link building to SMO services, we lay all our efforts in the right direction. Many-a-times we don’t even shy away from spending a lot on these services. But when it’s about ‘Web hosting’, our general tendency is to avail some “cheap web hosting” services. It is indeed a good marketing effort not to spend so much on a service which can be done on lesser prices. And many-a-times, cheap prices don’t mean cheap and inferior services. But not always! Besides, bad web hosting can also negatively affect your website’s ranking. How? Read on…

The chances of diminished SERP rankings in this regard are often with Shared Web Hosting. As in Shared Web Hosting many websites are shared on the same IP, it becomes increasingly important to check which websites are sharing your server. Many a times, the so-called “cheap web hosting service providers”, in a quest to earn huge profits, host few unethical websites on the shared server system. And if any of those websites are banned by the search engines, due to any reason what-so-ever, it is likely that your website also gets listed in the ‘Banned Websites’ category of the search engines.

Many search engines blacklist few sites like those of casinos, adult sites and porn sites. When the crawlers are made to visit such banished sites, they track the host server and IP address, and ban them. Unfortunately, if your website is enlisted on the same shared server, chances are that your site gets banned too.

Most obviously, the web hosting companies would deny hosting such sites. It then becomes your responsibility to select a right web host company. Give a thorough check to the company’s credibility; see its client base and fan following, and don’t forget to read its ‘terms and conditions’ policy.

Similarly, while selecting a Domain name for your company, you should keep the SEO factor in mind. If you are a florist based in New Delhi, and want a website for promotion, it’s better to take an .in domain, which speaks your identity.

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