Private domain

There are two types of web domain registration: public and private. The first requires you to provide all the details about your company and makes these available to anyone curious via WHOIS lookups.

The second type is private domain registration – in this case, your private registrar’s details are shown in WHOIS for your domain. The address, phone number and other details are available for those who want to contact you about your domain. All requests will be forwared to you by your private registrar.

Many new and established Internet projects choose offshore private domain registration for many reasons. And the most important one is “privacy”. In today’s open world information becomes easy and fast to obtain through various legal and illegal avenues. Thus, many of us are concerned about privacy on the Internet.

Hosting your porject on a private domain is one such privacy solution offered today.

It is worth noting that you own your private domain and can always turn it public and host it with any company you wish. Another benefit is that with a private domain you will avoid a lot of spam and scam emails.Offshore registrars offer jurisdictions which have privacy written into laws.

When you register a private domain you do not need to provide any of your details, but an email. Once you are ready to go public with your domain, you will provide your details to the registrar who will then update the private info with your own info.

There are many private registrars. If you would like to have an offshore jurisdiction for your private domain you may want to check out YoHOST.ORG. 


Florian whas been in private web hosting industry for over 5 years. His main specialty is information security, privacy issues in tehcnology, internet privacy.

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