The A-b-cs of Domain Name Registration

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Before registering a

domain name, know the facts. Domain name registration is easy – finding the

perfect domain name for your personal or business website is not! There are

thousands of possibilities for your domain name, but you can only choose one

domain name for a website. So, you must make it count! Here are some pointers to

get you started with domain name registration. It’s easier than you think.

Keep your Domain Name Simple

A domain name should be simple so visitors will remember it easily. What’s

easier to remember – three or four words, or only one or two words? Obviously a

short, simple domain name is easier to remember. The shorter the name, the less

likely people are to misspell it as well. Your goal in choosing a domain name

should be to find one that is easy to remember, easy to spell, and will stand

out in the minds of visitors. It should be related to your products and

services, or personal website theme.

TIP: Avoid using your company name initials or your own name initials. These do

not describe anything at all about your website’s theme. Visitors will not

remember it unless you promote it heavily on national television and all over

the Web. But, we’ll leave that to “Corporate Web” for now!

Domain Name Registration Pricing

Don’t be fooled by high domain name registration prices. Whether you pay a cheap

domain name registration fee or a high fee, you’re still getting the same thing

- a domain name! There’s no secret add-on service that can benefit you unless

you’re getting web hosting or a low-cost web site with your domain name.

Otherwise, domain name registration is the same whether you order a cheap domain

name or an expensive one. Be sure to shop around before you register.

Checking Domain Name Availability

You can visit almost any web hosting site to check the availability of a domain

name. Never assume a domain name is available just because it doesn’t show

online when you try to bring it up in your browser. If a domain name is not

showing online, it could be that the site’s server is down at the moment, the

owner is still designing a new web site and hasn’t put it online yet, or the

owner might be trying to sell the domain name. When you check to see if the

domain name is available, you do not have to purchase it from the site where you

checked. You can purchase it from any company that offers domain name

registration once you know it is available.

Beware of Expired Domain Names

If you are considering buying an expired domain name, do research before

completing the domain name registration process. You could be wasting your

money! Ask the registrar questions about why the domain name has expired, what

type of site it was before expiring, etc. Some expired domain names have been

banned from the search engines all together because they were used by spammers

or those selling illegal products or services. If that were the case, you’d be

better off finding another domain name. Once a site is banned from the search

engines, getting it listed again is almost impossible. Your chances for good,

targeted traffic are next to none.

Web Hosting and Domain Names

Some companies offer both web hosting and domain name registration. Others might

offer one or the other, or a combined package where you can get a low-cost web

site along with a cheap domain name and web hosting. Though it’s easier to keep

up with billing and expenses if you do all this through one company, you are not

required to host your site with the same company where you register your domain

name. It will not affect how your web site services are handled, or how you

operate your site.

Domain name registration can be an easy process once you decide on the right

domain name. Your domain name will be a key player in your online success, so

take your time to choose a winner! Domains

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