The How to of Buying a Domain Name

So you’ve decided you want to buy a domain name. Great! But how do you actually do it? Basically, this process boils down to two steps: deciding on the name you want to buy and then actually buying, or registering, the domain name. Then, once you own the domain name, you can decide whether to create a website for it or simply keep it as an investment.
Before You Buy: Deciding on a Domain Name
The first step in buying a domain name is to decide what name you want. Before long, you’ll discover that buying a new, unregistered domain name is really a lot simpler and cheaper than buying a domain name that is already owned by someone else. This because the pool of domain names has been mined by speculators who are only in it to buy up as many names as possible in the hopes that one day someone will want to buy it (as opposed to actually looking to create a website for them). Let’s face it: When someone has something they know you want, they are going to charge top dollar for it. If you are buying something that’s out there for the taking, you’ll get it for a song.
A new, previously unregistered domain name will probably cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of about $10 a year! I know what you’re thinking: “Yeah, but the chances of the name I want being unregistered are so slim!” Not true. Contrary to what you may have heard or read, a great domain name, one you have thought of yourself, can be yours relatively easily.
When you are deciding on what name to buy, think in terms of keywords. Make a list of keywords that relate to the subject or theme of the site you want to build. Then, combine some of those keywords to create a domain name. If you want a domain name based on the actual name of a person, location or business, this process is very straightforward!
Once you have the name in mind, you’ll need to check if it’s already taken. To do this, just type the domain name you want into the Address field of any Web browser like this: If you are directed to a website, the domain name is taken. If not, you’re in luck!
Now On to the Buying
The next thing is to go to a domain registration service. All you need to do is set up an account with your name, snail mail address and e-mail address. These details are required to designate you as the legal owner of the domain. Then you’ll be asked to register the domain you want, either as a public or private registration. If you register privately, your name and contact information will not be made available to the public.
Once the domain name is officially yours, you will have the option of signing up for hosting (if you want to build a site at the domain) or setting up a blog, or of leaving the domain “parked.” If you park the domain, it will remain registered but unused until you are either ready to use the domain or sell it to someone.
As you can see, buying a domain name takes mere minutes. Just follow these steps and you’ll soon be the proud owner of your domain name! It really is just that easy.

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