Tourism Internet Marketing – All the profit from a smart chose domain.

How can you choose the best domain for the efficiency of your
offline and online marketing? Brand name versus business name.
Hyphenated or not? Which is the Host Server for your new website?

1) What is a domain name ?

A domain name is the location of your website on the internet,
it is also the location of your company, or your private
enterprise in the immense internet market. In case a domain name
named the same with your offline brand name, location, hotel or
restaurant, tour specialist, local region or community which is
well-known in tourism market, you have had a big advantage than
different competitor. Because of:

* You will receive targeted visitor tourism your website, For
example: You are a travel company who supply some kind of
Trekking tour in the favorite Nepal, your chosen domain name
should be: Nepal Trekkingtour Nepal-trekkingtour
Besttrekking-Nepal… and so on Visitor will find very easily to
communicate with a travel company which has the name is the
description of the kind of services they are finding, and you
will better in persuading your client because they are all
prospect visitor. * Your website will be listed in Yahoo! In
Travel Directory and other Search Engine results. Imagine when a
visitor want to spend a trekking tour in Nepal, he decides to
search internet to find a good supply among a thousand of sites.
He chose Google, for example, and enter keyword of his wish: ”
Nepal + trekking tour”. And a a result of choosing a right
target domain name, your website URL and a short description
will appear at the sight and he clicks.

But remember, whether he chooses your services or not depend on
a process of building credibility which originate from: your
site design, your respond, the price, your level of professional
and much more…

But you have had an advantage when you have chosen a right
domain and your prospect client has seen you among thousand of
competitor. 2) Domain name extension: .com

Each domain has what’s called an extension. The most well known
of these extensions is .com. This extension is encouraged to be
used most, because it is tightened in the mind of all the people
around the world. All the surfers tend to enter it after almost
domain name. So because it long time used at the beginning of
internet era so it difficult to chose a good domain name. COM.

If you can’t find your preferred .com domain name you could
always choose the same domain with a .net extension. It might
not have the same ring as a .com but is still as just useful as
a .com. .org

These domain extensions were originally designed for educational
and more formal websites. As a tourism organization, we can use
it. But all of it are enterprise such as hotel or travel
company… it is not recommend to chose it. .info

A more recent introduction to the domain name game are .info
domains. Many of the valuable .info domains were bought up
overnight but there’s still a huge range of good .info domains
available. Bear in mind that most web. Not recommended.

This is a newcomer, we can use it well because it is to identify
all the tourism and hospitality website. A new rule…

There a great article about “.travel” by the link below:

There are many region extension: uk, us, vn, … which is suite
for your online tourism partner to used to indicate our region
location and services. It also an advantage for inbound tourism
and hospitality supply. A visitor is seem to put his truth on a
local professional supply, certainly! 3) Brand name versus
Business name: We are hardly to know exactly whether to chose a
domain name actually reflect our real business or establish a
new brand name online and promote it. A right choice is base on
your own case after give a careful consideration on marketing
strategy of our company. If you are a well-known company who
want to target the inbound visitors, get your long time famous
brand name is the right choice. Because your client will see it
easy for them to find your web and remember it as you are famous
ih their mind.

But if you want to take advantage of the global market, a
business name enclose with the region maybe a better choice.

Try to register a domain which contains a popular keyword
applicable for your industry. This will help your customers
remember your domain name better. Furthermore, for searches
conducted in Yahoo!, a higher ranking will be given to those web
sites which contain the keywords in the title. And according to
Yahoo!’s instructions, the Title should always be the official
name of the site. Thus, if the domain name contains a keyword,
you will be able to include the keyword in the Title which will
improve your ranking in Yahoo!. As a minor side-benefit, this
can also help to increase the ranking of your web site in some
search engines.

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4) Hyphenated or not This is another area of debate.
Should your domain be one single word or should the words be
separated by hyphens? There are advantages and disadvantages to
both approaches. Single word domain names can be easier to
explain, use on header paper and lend themselves to brand names
very well.

Single word domains are in very, very short supply.

Hyphenated domains names can be slightly more difficult to
explain, may not look as well on headed paper and possibly
harder to establish as a brand name. There’s no shortage of
multiple word domains.

The single biggest advantage a hyphenated domain has is that
searche engines can “read” the domain more easily. For example
in a domain like the search engine
can only read the first word “foreign” and that’s it. It can’t
tell anything else about the website domain name. If you
hyphenated that to the search
engine can read “foreign”, “holidays” and “online” as separate
words and therefore knows that this website is about foreign

A well chosen hyphenated domain name can be just as effective as
a single word domain name.

5) Don’t make your primary domain too long. Even though 67
character domains are a reality, exactly how many of your users
will want to type a domain name like

6) Chose the supplier: There are many domain suppliers waiting
for you out there online, the best choice is find out a
well-known web servers who always supply the services Domain
name registration. A good domain name .com will can be get at
the price of 15 $, but you can buy it cheaper as the price of

Are there any disadvantages in using a discount domain
registrar? Will it affect your website in any way? The answer to
both is a definite No.


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