What are things to be aware of before building your automotive website? – Domain registration and ownership!

If you are running a small to medium sized dealership you probably have been searching for an affordable, quality web design firm to launch your website. You may have been searching for a while, may even signed a contract with a design company only to find out you are not their priority when it comes to deadlines. The obvious solution is to look for automotive specific web template services, there are few big names to choose from, but they are not cheap to come by. There are few things you should be aware of before venturing into any commitment for your website. For one, your website is your virtual office, if is not done correctly it will be ineffective and sometimes down right embarrassing. You should consider a website only after your business name registration process has been completed. If you are located anywhere in North America, you should purchase the .com and .ca extensions yourself with a reputable domain registration company. Don’t just believe the latest TV ads, look around and read clients’ testimonials on how easy and simple to use the domain register. The reason behind why you should always own your domain name is simple. If you leave this up to the design firm, the ownership of your business name is with them. And if you ever decide to leave that company things can get complicated very quickly.Registering a domain name is probably the best investment you can ever make for your company; use a personal business card that will be kept in a safe place. And make sure you select auto renewal feature so your domain name will always be with you. Selecting a domain register is not as simple as complying with the latest TV ad, because there is nothing more frustrating after you processed your credit card only to find out you can’t change your name server due to the poorly developed control panel behind the scene. Domain name today can cost you in a range from $10 to $20 per year, if you have a web developer as a friend ask his or her opinion on the right domain register, don’t just look at the small difference in the price. You should also consider the name of your domain to reflect your business in some way, this is probably the most basic SEO or search engine optimization you can do for yourself. For example if your business is called Gary’s Fine Cars, don’t just jump the gun to register www.garysfinecars.com instead take some time to really think what makes your dealership different and buy the name associated with that. In this example Gary’s Fine Cars deals with bad credit car loans in the Toronto area so try to pick something like www.badcreditcarloans.com instead which will boost your ranking and traffic in the long run.Thank you for reading this article, it is brought to you by Dealer Template Canada, your automotive web design, development, SEO, Hosting, and CRM service all in one package. Affordable solutions for today’s tech savvy dealers, at $0 setup fees and very affordable monthly rates. Contact us today for details at http://www.dealertemplate.ca

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