8 Imaging mistakes to avoid when uploading your Ebay auction photo

It is no secret that having professional looking photos that are upscale in quality will help create more Ebay auction sales and attract higher bid buyers. Each and every product that you sell on Ebay, even it you are promoting a service, should have a photo cropped and fit to please the eye.

As much of a positive impact that a decent photo has on your business, the exact opposite will come into effect if you display a distasteful photo of poor quality on your auction. Even if your product is sound and your service is top notch this still may never matter if your Ebay photo creates an illusion of poor quality in the buyers eyes.

In order create good Ebay product photos then be sure to stay clear from these common mistakes that are made my Ebay sellers when creating their digital photo for the auction:

1. Glare: Along the lines of poor lighting, glare is the result of improper flash usage. Try not to take your pictures head on when wanting beautiful photos for your Ebay auction. Try instead to shoot the product from an angle. Such angles are from the left, from the right, or even from the top of the project. Coming from an under angle also works for photos for your Ebay auctions.

2. Cropping: Have you seen those Ebay auction pictures that have the item in the middle of all of the background distractions? Now that is very annoying to those viewing your Ebay auction. You should crop everything that you take a photo for. Nobody wants to see your messy bedroom or the garage where you took the picture at and it may detour many from looking further into your Ebay auction. Keep all distractions out of your Ebay photo by cropping everything but the product. Trust me, your Ebay auction will thank you for it in sales.

3. Background: Having a fancy background like countertop designs or table garnishes only distract from your Ebay auction product. Sure this may seem like something pleasant to do but this mistake is very similar to not cropping properly in that it may make your Ebay auction customer loose focus on what you are selling.

4. Fuzzy images: If your Ebay auction images are fuzzy and blurry to view then all you are telling the customer is that you do not have any consideration for detail and quality. This lack of preparation with your Ebay photos will give the customer a perception that you may just treat your products and customer service with the same lack of attention. You have one chance with your Ebay auction so be sure to check the focus before you snap the photo and use a tripod if necessary to avoid blur.

5. Lighting quality: Do not deplete the value of your Ebay auction by having dim lighting for your product photo. On the other hand, too much lighting can also create a very bad picture in the customers mind as they are viewing your Ebay auction. You should take several snapshots of the product to view each photo for lighting problems. Then begin your cropping.

6. Close up shots: There are some Ebay auction items that are so small and need a closer look by the customer. Do you have these close up photos in your Ebay auction? I strongly suggest that you do not make the mistake of selling something like jewelry but not including up close photos. Your camera should have a zoom feature which can take very close shots of the item with total accuracy.

7. Avoid reflective surfaces: This mistake that happens to many Ebay auction photos falls into the categories of poor lighting and blurry images. Light issues can really make or break your Ebay sales if not attended to and reflective light can do the same damage. Be sure to remove any shiny objects from the background from the site where you are taking your Ebay Auction photo to avoid this distraction.

8. Confusing combo shots: Do not take pictures and post multiple items within the same block that your main item is for sale is located. This will create confusion from the buyer and will prevent your Ebay auction from making the sales that you want. Customers have one thing in mind and the only product that you should be posting is of a picture of the main single item.

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