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Today anyone with some computer experience and Internet connection can built a good business Internet Marketing. In fact one of the fastest growing segment of home business, is part time Internet Marketing.

Once you dig your way through all the hype, scams and frauds, you find that there is a future in marketing on the Internet.

If your just starting Internet Marketing donâ??t get sucked in as a MLM affiliate. This is the reason why over 94% fail in Internet Marketing. Just a few that have their own products and their friends ever make anything.

Even if you find a MLM that is not a ponzie in disguise, there still is a big drawback. The URL you are given to promote with is long and ugly. Very few persons will click on them.

EBAY is one of the top-shopping destinations on the Internet. To register on eBay is free. You will need to provide some basic information, a Password and user name. Once you get your confirmation e-mail you will be able to login.

Next check out the guidelines before trying to sell on eBay. In fact research all information you can get from eBay. I would also suggest to go to my website, click on the archives of my Activity Internet Marketing Newsletters, and you will find many free URL listings for different information on eBay in past issues. Check it out. You will also find all kinds of free information about marketing on the Internet.,, are very popular and busy sites. Your changes of selling are better on They have a population of over 22, 000, 000 and my research show sellers

are getting higher prices than in the US and Canada. There seems to be a great demand for computer devices, and electronics.

Check the weight of the products you offer for sale for shipping costs. Try products that can be downloaded for best results.


Herman James, A.W.O.L.

Herman James, a farmer from Moose Jaw Sask. was drafted by the Army.

On his first day in basic training, the army issued him a comb. That afternoon the army barber sheared off his hair.

On his second day, the army issued Herman a toothbrush. That afternoon the army dentist yanked out seven of his teeth.

On the third day, the army issued him a jock strap. The army has been looking for him since.

Wife: I dreamed you gave me one thousand dollars for summer clothes last night. You would not spoil that dream, would you, Dear?

Husband: Of course not Honey, You may keep the thousand dollars.


Before you can buy or sell anything on eBay, you need to register. To do this, go to and click the register link at the very top of the page.

Step One: Enter Your Personal Information

Fill in your details. You will be required to enter your address, phone number and a credit card number. The credit card number used by eBay only to check that you are who you say you are.

You will be asked to choose a User ID and password. ID should be 5 to 8 characters long and have a combination of letters, numbers. Your ID cannot be an e-mail address, must not contain profanity, spaces, tab characters.

Once you have your User ID, you will be required to fill out a password for your protection. Once you have filled in the information you will get confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address you signed under. Click on the link from e Bay. You will now be able to buy on eBay.

Once again, you will be asked to provide credit card details and your bank account number as authentication. EBay won’t charge these accounts unless you authorize the transactions. Make sure that there is no discrepancy between your credit card information and your billing address. This could result in hold-ups down the line.

Now specify how to pay seller fees. Fees are charged for listing and selling items and you need to specify how you plan to pay. If you change your mind later, you can use My eBay to change your payment method. And now you are ready to sell.

Before you begin to worry too much about what to sell on a large scale, I suggest that you start by selling an item or two that you already own to get a feel for the process.

Look around your house and find an article or two that you have no use for anymore. Something small, priced under $10.00 to get the feel of the process.

Take a good picture of it and write a good description of the article. Donâ??t worry if it will not sell. You will now know what not to sell on eBay. Keep a record of what sells or not for future postings.

General Rules for Sellers

As a seller, you have some very important responsibilities that should not be taken lightly. You sign an agreement with eBay when you joined; they are one set of rules you should read. Here are just a few main rules to get you started.

No Shill Bidding: Shill bidding is when you get friends or family (or you just do it yourself) to bid on your item to drive the price higher. This is cheating. It’s also illegal.

Buyer solicitation offsite: You cannot contact buyers and offer to sell to them outside eBay. Nor can buyers contact you and ask you to circumvent eBay and sell directly to them.

Seller non-performance: Once you have listed an item on eBay and people start bidding, you are contractually obligated to follow through. You cannot refuse a payment from a buyer at the end of a successful sale, nor can you fail to deliver an item for which you’ve received payment.

Rather then use my credit card online, I pay with PayPal. Paypal is owned by eBay and a safe Internet â??bankâ?. If you donâ??t have a account at PayPal, check out their information at;

What you CAN’T sell

Prohibited Items: You are unable to sell the following items on eBay because of legal and safety reasons.

Alcohol, Animals and Wildlife Products, Firearms, Plants and Seeds, Tobacco, Human remains, Current Catalogs Credit Cards, Pharmaceuticals, Perishable Items, Used cosmetics.

Dubious Items:

The following items can be sold in some circumstances, check first;

Autographed Items, Event Tickets, Police Items, Used Clothing.

This isn’t a complete list, so I recommend you check it out for yourself at:

You’re well aware that eBay earns a commission on everything you sell through eBay. Because of this, eBay is highly motivated to help you sell more stuff. One way eBay helps sellers is through eBay Seller Central’s What’s Hot area.

This eBay feature serves up a host of juicy details on fads; trends, seasonal merchandise, popular search phrases, and a whole lot more. To pull up the What’s Hot page, go to eBay’s Seller Central and click the “What’s Hot” link.


Drop shipping is a very good option. You donâ??t have to make any financial investments until you sell the product. You donâ??t need a warehouse to store your products. You donâ??t have the financial costs of buying the products, nor the packing and shipping of your products.

Pick the products you want to market, list them on your web-site or on eBay at a retail price, once a customer buys, you pay the drop-shipper the wholesale, he packs and ships the product to your customer under your shipping label.

They will not include any of their material in the package. The customer feels you shipped it out. There is no middleman, assuring you a good profit, and still sell below the normal retail price. There is no minimum purchase when you order from a drop-shipper.

You do have to do a bit of research to make sure you are dealing with an honest, reliable drop-shipper. You shouldnâ??t have to pay a membership fee to join.

Internet Marketing is not a quick overnight get rich program. Like any business you have to work hard, learn before you can earn.

Below is a list of a few Wholesale, Drop ship firms you can check out. They supply to persons who sell on eBay, web sites, or for your direct selling.

As one of the premier Importers of Mobile Phones in the United States and offices in Burbank, California and Hong Kong, they offer the largest selection and the lowest prices on Mobile Phones.

With recent online demand for Mobile Phones they have launched to offer our Customers 3 very unique online services: Drop shipping, Bulk Wholesale, or Bulk Wholesale.

Hot-selling wholesale clothing at the absolute lowest prices anywhere.

Safety Lights, flash lights, fire safety, automotive, Plus too much to list

China Importing

There is a new player in the field you should consider. Low prices, fast delivery, you need to consider the advantages of the opportunities this presents.

The power of the Internet is breaking down barriers to communication. International phone calls are cheap or free, email is fast and efficient, and websites provide an unparalleled marketing platform.

Small businesses or even individuals are empowered to compete in an international market, and the possibilities for business connections are seemingly endless. Thanks to the www., China has never been more accessible.

China itself is full of business opportunities for foreign firms and investors, but entering the Chinese market can be a thorny business. Chinese businesses and individuals are less and less restricted by national regulations, meaning more travel, more trade, and more expansion into foreign markets.

You donâ??t have to travel to China; you can start at home on your computer. I found a firm that will give you a well researched mini-course in importing from china wholesale, drop shipper URL with sources listed, including sources which allow wholesale prices on smaller orders.

Some firms will drop ship direct from China. I will send this information in the middle of this month, free, to my subscribers. A few of the importers have warehouses on the West Coast, USA, which they can ship from.

One of your main assets when marketing on the Internet Is TRUST.

Start part time, earn it, and use it. Learn to earn.

Bruce Chambers sold his Printing, Publishing business and retired. After years of retirement he came on the Internet in 2003.

He publishes a monthly Internet Information and Recipes Newsletters from his website.

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