Ebay Cashback – How To Get Maximum Ebay Cash Back!

My goal is to help everyone save money during these tough economic times.

I hope you can use these methods and save even more money than I have with them (about $1250 this year!).If you have any questions, comments or problems, you can call me (Ray) @ 217-565-3125. If I don’t answer you can leave a message. I will respond ASAP!Ok lets get started. The first method uses mrrebates.com.MrRebates offers 3% cashback on eBay! Plus offers cashback and coupons at over 2000 other online stores!

Please enter rcpcash@gmail.com as your referrer (Every new member will receive a $5 bonus!)

It is possible to combine this method with bing.com cashback on Buy It Now Auctions! The details are below.The second eBay cashback method is microsoft’s bing.com cashback program. Currently Bing offers 8% cashback on eBay (Bing cashback can change at any time!)

Last year around Black Friday bing offered 25% for a while and increased cashback to 35% around Cyber Monday!To be eligible for bing cashback on eBay you must purchase an item using buy it now and pay for the itemusing PayPal (Maximum cashback of $200 per purchase and $2500 cashback per year). The third eBay cashback method may or may not be available to you at this time, eBay is slowly rolling it out to everyone. The method is called ebay bucks. If you haven’t heard of it just wait and you should get a message from ebay when your selected to participate.

Ebay bucks is completely automatic (2% cashback or more) To earn cashback with eBay bucks, just bid or buy an item on ebay and pay with PayPal and you will get at least 2% cashback. Your ebay bucks will accumulate untill the earning deadline (each period is 3 months). A few days after the earning deadline has passed, ebay will send you a message explaining how much you have earned and how to redeem your ebay bucks.The last eBay cashback method is 1% cashback (possibly more). I currently get 1% by using my chase ultimate rewards card as my payment method through PayPal.Here is how I stack multiple methods(Make sure you are using a browser that does not automatically clear cookies or temporary internet files!)

You MUST do all these steps every time you want eBay cashback!Step 1: Goto ebay.com and find the item you want to buy. (For maximum eBay cashback find an item with free shipping and no tax because you don’t get cashback on taxes or shipping charges.) Once you have found the item you want, click the “watch this item” link. (login if necessary)Step 2: Goto bing.com and do a search for ipod (psp, wii, ps3 or xbox are also usually good choices).Some keywords offer a higher percentage cashback than others. (it doesn’t matter what your buying this is just to get bing to show the cashback offer in your search results)

When you find the percentage you want on bing.com, click on the ad (You should be taken to the ebay homepage). Step 3: Goto mrrebates and log in. Then do a search for ebay using the search box on the front page. On the results page (you may want to bookmark this page), click on the ebay 3% cashback link. You should be taken to the ebay homepage again.Step 4: Goto your “my ebay” page (you should still be logged in) (if you are not logged in, try setting your security settings to default, close all browser windows and restart the process or use a different browser) (I use IE6 and have never had a problem.)Step 5: In your “my ebay” click on the listing you clicked to watch.Step 6: Click the buy it now button again (The confirmation page should still show the microsoft bing cashback banner) (if it doesn’t DON’T CONFIRM YOUR PURCHASE, Your bing.com cashback is not being tracked correctly!) You need to either turn down you security settings and restart the process or use a different browser to combine the eBay cashback methods.If you see the bing casbback banner than you can press the confirm button to buy the item. Step 7: Click to pay for your item and log into PayPal. If you have a rewards card that is not on your PayPal account already, add it at this time.Step 8: Change your funding source to your rewards card if you have one and complete your payment.Step 9: Pay off the balance of the card you just used to avoid interest charges!Step 10: Enjoy your cashback when you get it!Any comments, questions or problems email me at rcpcash@gmail.comHave a great day!

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