Ebay Sellers at a Crossroad

From my perception of the situation there appears to be 3 different reactions. Some have completely ignored the changes and continued on eBay without any considerations of other options. Some have exited entirely trying to awaken the alternative venues that are currently just beginning. The third reaction I have found are those sellers who have chose to continue to rent space, but who are also actively promoting themselves and the chosen developing venue.

I am curious to see which response will bring success to the actors. I’m putting my faith in those staying at eBay while aggressively building their business and that of their chosen venue, such as Wagglepop, up into the public view leading to certain success.

The other two approaches to the situation will inevitable prove to be failure. Those who have made themselves martyrs of eBay and have vowed to never again grace the eBay venue with their business are throwing themselves- their business off of “main street” and have put their sign behind all the skyscrapers completely out of view. The work that will have to go into creating visibility will be long and lacking in funds. Eventually, they will concede and believe with even greater certainty to eBay’s arrogant brainwash of their having no other choice but to continue to rent space on eBay’s venue and pay the fees while thanking them for allowing them the opportunity to participate in eBay venue to make eBay money. Diving into the oblivion of eBay’s strangle hold swallowed whole never to be seen again. They will suffer the same fate of those who have remained oblivious in the wake of the eBay’s horrific attack.

As the rollout of changes progress the eBay “marketplace” is feeling the assault with greater intensity every day. While the changes are being implemented gradually the consequence is bludgeoning the eBay community. What was once a harmonious agreement of appropriate conduct has viciously degraded into what I termed as eBay civil unrest.

Some general buying members of eBay mistakenly believing that the feedback changes had taken place in February seemed to have set with the index finger poised for clicking action as soon as the clock struck midnight on Feb 20. The raging voices of sellers on various forums including the eBay discussion boards spat the outrage of their receiving a negative without provocation. Of course there is no way to determine if this was a heyday for some scorned buyers who decided to take their rage out on any seller of opportunity or if the feedback score was legitimately applied.

As the date of feedback changes races toward sellers they are meeting the evil that has sat in wait for their moment to arrive. With near uncontainable excitability with the anxiety of anticipation bursting undeniable into exuberance as the threats pour from their fingertips into the seller’s eMail box. A deep and thorough analysis is unnecessary. The seller’s reputation will be scarred as a result of deviant customers and the image that eBay has portrayed of its customers will finally express their version of the eBay seller community. Commerce will rapidly decline as it becomes impossible to distinguish the bad from the good on both sides of the transaction.

It is then that eBay meets its consequence of stupidity by falling into the oblivion of self inflicted failure.

Unfortunately, eBay’s oblivious brainwashed followers will be found along side eBay at the site of the crash- there are no eBay survivors.

Oh wait maybe there are survivors. Some of those eBay sellers had prepared for the crash. They spent the last days of eBay’s “glory” creating their own existence in online auction selling. They stayed and rode the gravy train until the boat broke using all of the advantage that eBay still possessed – revenue to build their new existence, customers to promote their new business to, and time to settle into their new cozy home! To survive eBay’s personal demise- they have played their cards right and walked away with a smile.

You’re standing at the crossroad- which way are you going to go? And how are going to get there?

Ambitious internet auctionsite store owner/seller


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