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If you are an eBay buyer, seller or would simply like to learn more about ebay then you are invited to visit

The MSRD Inc Forum. This forum is fairly unique as it allows registered users to post messages about the items they have up for sale or auction on eBay complete with the link to their eBay page. The message can even include images of the items and best of all it is free. The MSRD Inc Forum also features an Open Forum , a General eBay Forum and a forum style Article Directory.

As I am sure you are aware not every item listed on eBay actually sells. The eBay search function is very good at helping people find what they are looking for but some eBay pages always seem to get more traffic than others. One good reason for this is that some eBay stores and pages have links to them from other websites. All the search engine optimization gurus will tell you that is a good thing and they are right. Plus your eBay store gets traffic from the link itself provided the other website actually gets traffic and that is the goal at The MSRD Inc Forum.

If you have items up for sale or auction on eBay you can register as a user at The MSRD Inc Forum for free and start posting messages right away. In the eBay Stores and Sellers Free Ad Forum you can post ads for your eBay items and stores with text descriptions, images and the link to your eBay page. When you register as a user you get a signature file where you can also put the link to your eBay store and it will appear under all your post in all the MSRD Inc Forums.

Posting an ad for your eBay auction on any site does not do you a lot of good unless that site gets traffic.

That is the function of the MSRD Inc forum style Article Directory which appears below the main eBay forum under the category MSRD Inc Article Directory. The article directory is simply a series of 26 forums in alphabetical order. Such a directory can be filled up with articles on every subject from A to Z. With enough keyword and key phrase text article content and enough incoming links it could produce what can only be called non targeted general interest search engine traffic. The search engine optimization gurus will tell you that you are better off finding a niche and focusing on just one subject and nobody will disagree. However, this forums main theme is eBay and people will be posting messages about items up for sale and auction on eBay. These items will of course include merchandise of every description from A to Z. That being so non targeted general interest A to Z type search engine traffic is what this site actually needs.

If you are an eBay buyer visiting the MSRD Inc Forum can help you find more information about merchandise listed on eBay. Including descriptions and even images posted in the eBay Stores and Sellers Free Ad Forum by the sellers themselves. Buyers can also find more information about any subject from A to Z in the MSRD Inc Article Directory and therefore any kind of merchandise from A to Z. Some of the articles in the directory may have been written by authors who are also eBay buyers and sellers. If you have anything to say that is related to eBay please feel free to post it in the General eBay Forum.

If you are an article author yourself then you are invited to register and post your articles in the directory. It works pretty much the same way as any other article directory and it is free.

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