How is it possible for someone to sell information to a NON EBAY site ?

This EBayer is deceptively selling CD’s by only selling information to prospective buyers of where to purchase the same item at a lesser cost with free shipping. He has NO INVENTORY and is selling information. I have contacted EBay about this ( today ) and he STILL is selling ! Not only do I find that this is deceptive and wrong but, it is removing revenues from EBay. The other sellers ( of the same items or all CD’s ) are losing out to his deception . Why does EBay not shut him down immediately for, they are losing revenues as well ? I am hoping you EBay folks will help me put an immediate stop to this person. If, you are selling CD’s – he’ll steal away all your potential buyers ! Anyone wishing to complain to EBay about this individual is welcomed to do so ! Seller name is yrret13 and must be stopped !

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