Ten good reasons not to buy at Ebay

The famous online store, eBay is an auction site that you can access on the Internet to buy different types of items, from clothes to make-up to cars to car batteries to jewelry, amongst others. You can even buy cast-offs from famous celebrities on this site. If you want to sell off items that you just feel you don’t want anymore, you can also sell them at eBay and get a reasonable amount for them.

However, eBay isn’t all good, especially for buyers. Because this is an online store, there are so many things that you have to watch out for in buying items at eBay. You have to be cautious about buying such items like make-up, as you don’t know if they have been used by the vendor. Further avoid any electronic item on the site because you are not really guaranteed if it is still in top condition. You might just end up getting more problems instead of gains out of the eBay item that you bought. There are so many reasons why you should be extra cautious and not buy items on eBay and below you will see some of these reasons.

The Good Reasons Not to Buy at eBay


The system of quality control at eBay is quite weak.

Because of this, it is quite possible that the item that you want to buy at eBay is among the tons of junk items that are sold on the site. The description of the items can mislead you. They are either not the accurate description of the items or they pertain to another product. The pictures provided sometimes are even blurry or there are no pictures provided at all.


You cannot trust the feedback system of the store.

Even if you base your purchase of an item on the feedback given, you are still not guaranteed that you are getting a good item. While this system was originally meant to reflect the credibility of the vendor, it does not really present an accurate picture. You might just be in for a big surprise.


There are unscrupulous vendors at eBay.

To hike the price of their items on sale, there are vendors who will ask their friends bid up their items. Thus they can get a higher price for their item even if it is not necessarily worth that much.


There is a “no return, no exchange” policy at eBay.

There are no such privileges at eBay that allow you to return an item, which you have either found damaged or not meeting your expectations. Because eBay is an auction site, it operates under the rules of an auction, which usually states that you buy an item as it is and get it as is.


It is hard to get a refund at eBay.

If in case you bought an item in eBay that you want to return because of its defects, it is quite hard to get your money back. The process of trying to locate the seller of the item is quite long and tedious and would in the end, cost you more money. Because it is very hard to get a refund on the items that you bought at eBay, you might as well refrain from buying items on the site.


There are scammers who use the eBay site.

There are certain sellers on the site who will try to contact you to complete the transaction of buying the item offline. These types of vendors are usually out to swindle you by posing some arrangement that may cost you more money in the end.


Fake items are sold on eBay.

As there is no guarantee that an item you are buying on eBay is the real thing, avoid buying eBay items that can be easily faked. Examples of these items are tickets, which could have already been used before they were sold in the site.


There are times when it is only the picture and not the real item that is sold on eBay.

Some people mislead others into believing that the picture they posted is actually the item that they are selling. It is only when the buyer has completed the transaction and has received the item when he’ll realize that it is just the picture on sale and not the item. Although this might have been mentioned in the fine print, you still lose your money.


Your credit card used to purchase on eBay can be used by others.

There is a possibility that someone could get access to the credit card number that you provided to eBay for paying for an item purchased. Once your credit card has been accessed, there are people who will not think twice about charging just about anything on your account.

By Carlos Cabezas López

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