The Ebay Trading Assistants Program and Ebay Promotional Tools

The eBay Trading Assistants Program

If you are successful and really excel at eBay auctions, consider an additional source of revenue in the eBay Trading Assistant Program. You will have the opportunity to sell items for other eBay members on consignment with the eBay Trading Assistant Program. When you become successful at your own eBay auctions that will be the key to becoming a successful trading assistant for other eBay members.

Many newcomers to eBay simply do not know how to make their items sell at eBay auctions. People who auction off a big ticket item, such as a car, land or house, will often employ the services of an eBay Trading Assistant, because it is a one time event and they probably will not sell again on eBay for a period of time. For serious trading assistants these items could add up to Huge commissions!

Most of the time trading assistants would be responsible for all aspect of the eBay auction, which would include shipping the item to the customer and collecting the money. For higher ticket items, the people who hire Trading Assistants get access to all trading assistant marketing materials which are very helpful. An approved trading assistant must have sold at least ten items in the last 90 days, a feedback score of 100 with 97% positive feedback or higher, and your eBay account must be in excellent standing.

How to Use the Promotional Tools on eBay

eBay really wants you to be successful are their auctions. Basically, if sellers are not making money, eBay does not make any money, or makes very little money. Although, there is one very small source of revenue, and it comes from the sellers which go to eBay. Promotional tools, this revenue is realized from these tools, and it actually will help you, as a seller, be more successful at eBay auctions.

The promotional tools on eBay are really inexpensive. An example, for just a few cents you can have a bold listing on eBay. Highlighted listings are also equally inexpensive. With only these two tools you could easily raise your final price for an item by as much as 25%! But, not all the promotional tools cost you money, and a lot of these tools are free. The promotional tools available on eBay are product finder, gallery, gift services listings, subtitles ,bold, highlight, border, featured home page, featured gallery, keywords, featured plus, co-op advertising, and optimized listings.

Making money from eBay auctions is the goal of serious eBay sellers, and by taking advantage of these eBay promotional tools found through your sellers account will ensure success.

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