Using the Ebay search tool to see if a product will make money on Ebay

That is the question that thousands are asking me every week. My email is also flooded with questions like: How do I start an Ebay store to make money on Ebay? What should I start selling on Ebay? Is there an affiliate program that will help me make money on Ebay? The list goes on and on.

The one question that we are going to cover today and one that you should pay attention to is “I have a product but what is the best way to evaluate the product and find out how I should price it so that I can make money on Ebay?”

I have two words for you: Search Engine. No I’m not talking about Google, Yahoo, or any other of the major search engines. I’m talking about a search feature that is literally under your nose at this very moment. I’m talking about the Ebay Search Tool!

Did you realize that the Ebay search tools is the fastest and most accurate way to finding out if people are buying products like yours on Ebay? You will also be pleased to know that you can discover what sells best so that you can make money on Ebay and how to accurately price your products so they sell like hot cakes!

Using the Ebay search tool to make money on Ebay

Be sure to search the ‘completed auctions’ to find out how similar products like yours have been selling. The results that you will find here will also help you determine which categories to list your item in. Anone can make money on Ebay but you want you do not want to be just ‘anybody’

Each item sold on Ebay has a particular type of buyer that shops for that item. If you were looking to buy paperback books on Ebay then you obviously would not be searching under the category of televisions, right? This line of thinking will help you better profile buyers and after you have analyzed their shopping patters by studying the completed auctions section of the Ebay search tool then you will better be able to become a ‘power seller’ to make money on Ebay.

Hot Tip: Use this completed feature to find out what ‘time of day’ that the high bidders snagged the sale and won. Are you getting the idea yet? Good, let’s continue…

Most of the time new sellers like to jump in and make money on Ebay by selling a very common product. That is ok but you still need to do your homework. What kind of homework? Well for example you definitely want to check and find out how many other Ebay sellers are pushing the same product. In conjunction with this information write down what time their auctions close. If you you are the second or third auction to close with the exact same price then your profits will shrink to nothing, trust me.

Hot Tip: Space out your auctions that are similar to others to avoid being left in the cold.

Although it is not necessary now, it is advisable for you to learn the the Ebay search engine ‘syntax’ (shorthand) so that you will be able to location your items with precise accuracy. Of course you can make money on Ebay by by just finding your way around using the small search box that shows on each page, but eventually you will need to learn more. And, if you are really new to using the Ebay search features then by all means simply go to the search page.

5 parting tips

Last but certainly not least, I am going to leave you with a brief list of tips below which will help you get as much as you can from the Ebay Search Engine in order to help you make money on Ebay.

1. To better define your search be sure to check off the boxes next to ‘search titles and descriptions’ options

2. Do not worry about using caps when using the Ebay search engine. It is not case sensitive.

3. Using conjunctions and articles are not advisable when typing in your listing. The Ebay search tool may consider these conjunctions/articles (a,or,an,the,etc.) as part of your search and pull irrelevant listings.

4. When searching for a popular item then it is advisable to search by the full ‘description’ and not by auction titles and descriptions alone.

5. If you are interested in finding the history of pricing for an item then make sure that you check off the box to search the completed listings in addition to the current ones.

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