Ebooks – How To Turn An Ebook Into A Home Business

Want to turn your ebook into a home business? You can. Ebooks are hugely popular online, and if your ebook turns out to be a bestseller, you can generate a huge income.
However, the challenge is creating a ebook which will be a bestseller, with all the sales you dream of. Although luck and timing play a role in this, with planning and market research you can ensure that your ebook will sell in big numbers. The Web makes this easy.
In this article, let’s look at five steps to turning your ebook into a bestseller and a great home business.
1. Create a blog to do some market research and gauge interest in your topic
Choose a topic for your ebook, but don’t start writing yet. Doing some market research before you write your ebook can mean the difference between an ebook which sells one copy a day and one which sells 20 a day.
The easiest method to gauge interest is to create a blog on your ebook’s topic, and see how many readers and subscribers you get over the course of a month.
Of course, you can also do some “would you be interested in an ebook on this topic?” Pay Per Click advertising, but creating a blog gives you a head start in promoting your ebook even before it’s written, so it does double duty.
I’ve used the “blog first” method for many of my ebooks, and find it’s the most valuable strategy for creating bestselling ebooks.
2. Write a free report; create a list
With your blog in your ebook’s topic created, your next step is to write a short report on the topic of your ebook. Offer it to your blog’s readers in exchange for their email addresses.
This list of email addresses will serve you well when your ebook is ready for sale: you’ll have hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of eager buyers when you offer your new ebook to them.
3. Write and sell your ebook
If your blog has attracted readers, you’re ready to write your ebook. If your blog’s lagging, and there seems little interest in your topic, choose another topic, and create a blog for that. Although this seems like work, it’s easy to change your mind at this stage, before your ebook is written.
Write your ebook, and prepare it for sale, with a sales page and a payment processor.
Let the people on your blog and your email list know your ebook is now ready.
From this initial marketing effort – your blog and email list – you’ll make some sales. However, to keep making sales, you need to do more promotion.
The promotional strategies you choose will depend on your own interests. They may include advertising, online and offline, creating an affiliate program writing press releases, and of course, more blogging.
4. Expand on the topic – create audio files and videos
With your ebook selling well, it’s time to turn your ebook into a business. You can do this by creating additional products for your topic. Consider audio and video products, as well as an additional ebook.
You can sell this new material as an “upsell” from your initial ebook.
5. Create a membership site
Your final step in turning your ebook into a great home business is to create a membership site in your topic. You’ve got subscribers and buyers, and since people always want fresh information on their favorite topic, you’ll win members for your site immediately.
So there you have five steps which will help you to turn your ebook into a home business. Just go step by step. This process works, and works well and quickly.

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