How to harness the power of ebooks for the benefit of your website!

Ebooks can be a powerful tool when it comes to promoting and
profiting from your website. To be able to benefit from ebooks,
it is important to know how to use them to their full potential.

There are two big ways in which ebooks can be used to benefit
you and your site:

1.Promotion 2.Profiting

Both of these are extremely important. Without promoting your
site and receiving enough visitors, it is impossible to profit,
which is the ultimate aim of a successful internet business.


Ebooks are especially good for advertising your website. They
cost almost nothing to produce and can be easily distributed via
an email. You can either use an ebook which you have created
yourself, or you can use another author’s ebook, provided you
have permission. Here is how to advertise your site to unknown
levels using an ebook:

- Use an ebook with a broad appeal, so as to achieve a maximum
range of interest from many people. However, try to keep the
ebook relevant to your site’s subject matter. This way, those
who travel to your site through the ebook will find more that
interests them on your site. This is how to turn browsers of
your ebook into buyers on your site.

- Once you have chosen your ebook’s subject try to write the
content similarly to your site. Add a link to the site you want
to promote at the beginning and end of every page in the ebook.
Make sure that these links are visible, and that it is made
clear to the viewer where these links go to. Within the content
of the ebook, while talking about something which can be found
directly at your site, a link can also be added. However, make
sure not to clutter your ebook with links and ads. This looks
unprofessional and gives viewers a bad impression.

- Having finished the ebook’s content, check furiously for
spelling mistakes or missing punctuation. These mistakes lead
the viewer to believe that the author is unprofessional and even
that the site may be insecure and badly run.

- Now comes a crucial part. Make sure on the very front of the
ebook, or somewhere where everyone will be able to see, that you
have put a statement such as this:

“You may redistribute this ebook freely so long as the content
inside remains the same”

This will mean that anyone you receives your ebook will be able
to pass it on, so long as they don’t change it. Given the fact
that ebooks are a very popular form of displaying information
nowadays, people are very likely to give your ebook away,
whether it be a freebie on their site or a gift to newcomers.
More and more people will have a copy of your ebook, with your
link which goes straight back to your site. People are bound to
click on your link if they’re interested.

- Now with your completed ebook, you can start distributing.
Give it to all your friends and family and anyone else who you
know. Tell them to distribute it everyone in their email address
book. Do not be afraid to contact a site which sells or gives
away ebooks and ask them if they will distribute it. The chances
are that they will. Big ebook sites need new ebooks to keep
going. Contact sites which have a similar subject matter as the
subject of your ebook and ask them if they will distribute it.
Don’t forget to distribute your ebook freely on your own site,
because this will gain your site popularity. If you need help
distributing your ebook, my site would be happy to distribute it for you.

Once you have distributed a number of copies, if you have
distributed it well to many sets of people, your ebook will soon
do its work. People will start clicking on your links from all
over the web and in addition, you have also made a small name
for yourself on the web. This will increase the popularity and
trust in your site.


Obviously through the promoting of your website using ebooks,
the profits will increase. However, there are other ways in
which to profit using ebooks:

- The most obvious way to make money through ebooks is by
selling them. However, there are already many huge companies
doing this and it is hard for little companies and websites to
keep up. Nevertheless, try to offer just that little bit extra
on your ebook deal compared to everyone else’s. You have to try
and make your deal seem special. Add a couple of bonuses and
maybe a useful bit of software too.

- Profit through ebooks by offering them as a bonus with
another, more expensive product you are selling on your website.
You would be surprised at how a browser will choose your product
over others, just because your product has an ebook free with
it. If you can make this ebook relevant to the item you are
coupling it with, or you could make the ebook yourself, then
more people will buy from you and people will be prepared to pay
more. The ebook costs you nothing either so it is a perfect

- Affiliate links can also be posted in ebooks you create
yourself. Earn yourself money by placing these links in relevant
places in the content of the ebook. For example if your ebook
talks about music, then include a link to a popular music
website which you know will give you a slice of the profits if a
sale is made. If your ebook is distributed correctly, your
affiliate link could be viewed by thousands of people per week.
The site I recommend for affiliate marketing is

- Also think about putting a very limited amount of ads in your
ebook. Many companies will pay you to put an ad in your ebook.
However, there is a very fine line between making money through
ads and losing money due to too many unprofessional ads. Try to
make your ads blend into your ebook and make them relevant to
the subject matter too.

Most importantly with ebooks, always be thinking of new ways in
which you think you could distribute them or use them to profit.
Creativity is a key part of a successful ebook marketing

Thankyou for reading – William Johnston

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