How to Promote Your Viral Ebooks

Marketing with a viral ebook is an excellent way to promote your various products. Viral ebooks are capable of reaching a large audience and are limited only by the enthusiasm of the participants. So, the question is how do you make your ebook known to as many people as possible and as quickly as possible? You will not benefit from it unless you let others know that you have an ebook.If you are like most marketers, you purpose for creating a viral ebook is simply, to increase your cash flow. In order to accomplish this, you will need to expose your ebook to as many people as possible. Like However, trying to do this on your own would not be efficient and could take up a whole lot of your time.Clearly defining your target audience is the first thing you will need to do. You will need to determine the characteristics of your ideal customers. Your promoting time will be more efficient and effective by defining your customer.The next thing you will want to do is build a list of subscribers. Take some time to create an e-zine or newsletter that will target your desired market. In your newsletter you can place articles, news, and tips that relate to the subject matter of your ebook and products it may be promoting.Make sure that you feature your ebook prominently in your newsletter. There is no point in creating the newsletter if you don’t promote your ebook or other products within it. Just try not to make your promotions to obvious.After you have determined what your newsletter is to contain, you will need to start gathering subscribers for it. One way for you to get a subscriber is to include a squeeze page in your web site where people can subscribe. Another way that works is to have a small pop up box where people can enter their email addresses to subscribe. Pop up boxes can be extremely annoying but they do work. As incentive, try giving away something of value that relates to your viral ebook. In fact, you could give away your ebook as long as it contains other products within it that you are marketing.A great way to promote your newsletter is to get it listed on group subscription forms and inside the pages of high traffic web sites. Signing up for a free publisher accounts on various e-zine directory listings will be beneficial because you can add your newsletter in their directories.Beside the e-zines and newsletters, you will need to actively promote your ebook on your own web site. Create one or more page devoted solely to your ebook. Placing it in a list together with all your other products won’t be much help. Creating a separate page allows it to stand out.You should also make it easy for your visitors to find out about your ebook anywhere in your web site. Prominently place the ebook on all of your pages. If that is not possible, add a navigation bar just for your ebook. You may want to feature some excerpts from your ebook to arouse visitor curiosity about it.As the author, include information in the ebook about yourself. Having your own ebook establishes you as an expert in the area of your subject matter. The more people know about you, the more they will begin to trust you. Also, placing a picture of yourself in the ebook will add more credibility to you.Make sure that your ebook gets listed in all ebook directories to gain greater exposure. There are quite a few of these ebook directories out there. Also another great way to actively promote your ebook is to join forums that talk about the same topic as your ebook. You can post threads or reply to other people’s post that might be related to what your ebook is offering. To maximize exposure to your ebook, you should apply one of the first principles of viral marketing. Give your viral ebook away to people who might find it interesting and useful. These are just a few of the ways you can promote your ebook. There are many other possible avenues that you can explore. Just use your imagination and creativity. However, the methods listed here are sufficient to get your viral ebook promotion started.

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