How to Write and Promote an Ebook?

You may have heard about the stories of some ordinary people who had book sales exceeding $10,000 in a day. From their explanations, we understand that they are not smarter than the rest . They are not particularly good writers. And their ebooks are no better than one you could write. But they do some of the work properly to be able to publish and advertise their ebook in the internet world.  

If you are serious about selling ebooks, then you must own a website to carry out such business. You must register a domain name related to the product you are selling and get a web hosting company. Some people sell their ebook through free blog sites such as Blogger.  

Generally speaking an ideal top-selling ebook is only 30-60 pages long. The subject of the ebook can be anything which is suitable for you. Your interest, hobby or expertize on any topic can be the subject of the ebook you want to sell to other people. .  You must know how to turn your knowledge into words. Some people choose subjects that have been used many times before. They simply modify it. Some extra work should be given to the compilation of your ebook, setting up of your sales page, and acceptance of major credit cards. Selling ebooks procedure is completely digital and automated. It requires no inventory, no shipping costs at all.  

Once you write your book, then you must be looking for a way to market and sell it. Title, cover and the content must be carefully formed to capture the eye and to service the product to the targeted audience. 

There is a fact that the top ebook authors in todays internet world, are averaging 50,0000 100,000 hits to their website monthly. This is that website traffic which let them to sell tens of copies of their ebook daily. You MUST drive traffic to your ebook site. Since ebooks are websites, to be able to sell them, you must drive traffic to this web site. It won’t come on its own. 

There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to any web site. Free traffic resources can be categorized as email marketing, search engine marketing and blogging.   

Once you have done with the publishing and running of the web site, the next big issue is to drive traffic to your web site. The free advertising methods can be used, such as trying to approach the targeted prospective buyers in yahoo or google groups can be a good and free start. You can easily find the groups of people who have already joined together in yahoo groups for example through searching through the related groups directory. Once you join these groups, you can post about your web site and invite interested people to your web site. These posts distributed to the email addresses of group’s members. Once they receive the email, they will be only one-click away from entering to your website.  

Writing in forums, blogs and and other internet sites is another way of free advertising of a new born e-book. Finding affiliates for your new ebook site will help you sell more copies without much effort. The top ebook authors on Clickbank sell 80-90% of their books through affiliates. The biggest strategy at this point must be reaching to affiliates who are able to sell your ebook. The selection of forums, blogs and other sites must be chosen according to this end – getting affiliates to sell your book Those sites must be the places where affiliates – the prospective sellers of your ebook- can be found. If you are going to become an ebook power seller you must recruit powerful affiliates to help you sell your book. The major ebook sellers on-line generate 70-90% of their sales through affiliates. You must find the ways to attract them to sell your ebook. 

Most of the successful ebook authors have some list building techniques. The big guys have lists of 50,000 to 100,000 subscribers to their newsletters or mini-courses. Most web sites you visit that are selling information product convert about 15-20% of their visitors into subscribers for their list.  

Once done properly, ebooks are the perfect solution for creating a passive income which will run on autopilot 24/7.

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