Write Ebooks – How to Get Started

Writing an ebook is quite simple, and here’s the best advice I can give: Start writing!

Sure, you need an idea first, but I bet you have one. But wait…before you decide that your memoir will make a great ebook, it’s important to realize the following:

Ebooks are generally the domain of “how to” and “self-help.” It would be difficult to acquire customers for, say, an autobiography, unless you already have an audience (for example, you have a popular blog, you’re a bit of a celebrity in your field, etc.). Unfortunately, a book about your life’s trials and accomplishments wouldn’t be nearly as easy to sell as a book titled “How to Make Money by Playing Video Games” or “How to Get 6-Pack Abs in 15 Seconds a Day.”

So be careful to pick a niche that lends itself to ebook sales. Ebook authors sometimes talk about a “desperate niche.” That is, one that addresses problems to which people are desperately seeking answers; that’s why ebooks so often revolve around relationships, weight-loss, money-making, etc.

You want to set yourself apart from the pack (there are way too many money-making ebooks…), but hopefully there is some degree of “desperation” in your subject matter.

Once you have your idea, write away. You just need a simple word processor. Eventually, you will probably turn it into a PDF, and you can do that for free down the road. When it comes time to sell your ebook, you can submit it to various sites that sell it for you (e.g., Lulu.com, or even Amazon), and you set-up your own site.

In my experience, uploading your book to a 3rd-party ebook seller will result in very few sales. I have an ebook available on Amazon that has sold almost no copies, but sells quite well on my site.

The hardest part about selling an ebook isn’t the writing: It’s setting up an effective website and promoting your book. Afterall, nobody will buy it if you’re not getting traffic. For help publishing and selling your ebook (at no upfront cost to you!), check out MisterEbooks.com.

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