Students of e-comm, sm bus & online marketing! I need a team for a PROJ//they say it cant be done! YES IT CAN!

They said I couldnt do it so I did it to prove them wrong!! With no programming Knowledge JUST BOOKS. I HATE WHEN THEY SAY I CAN’T DO SOMETHING!! I wrote a software program to sell. Nobody thinks I can pull it off. Because I am a simple housewife& mother. I’LL SHOW THEM! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I am working on strategies for a while now. I havn’t launched the product because all aspects have not been covered. I am trying to put together a team together to help me. I will profit share for your time. There is no money investment involved just time. If you are interested email me telling me what your expertise in the field of new prod developement is. The team members need to have knowledge of product design, marketing, online business , some programming and or resourcefull in finding email and mail address of target consumers. Once the team is setup we will meet in a chatroom at certain times of the day to chat about progress. Everything can be done online. I BELIEVE DO YOU?

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