What are the best sites or services for looking up internet statistics?

I’ll be starting an online business, but I want to do some thorough research into the success of current sites which are popular online. I’d like access to the most thorough information possible about web traffic online. Basically sites/services like Nielsen Net Ratings where I can get detailed information. I know Alexa.com is another site which collects and publishes info. I need to put together a toolbox of the most effective of these types of resources related to the internet industry. Also dempgraphic information is important. I’m going to need this information for marketing, and also for drawing up my business plan, and more. What sites do the professionals use to get their information about the business of internet?
Thanks for the Google Analytics answer…I’m still hunting though for information which will tell me about activity elsewhere on the internet, like top-rated sites, internet activity & top sites per industry, fastest growing new sites, etc.

I have found some more information myself: hitwise.com, nielsen net ratings, and Jupiter Research are all along the lines of what I’m looking for…are these the best? are there any more? Any internet professionals out there willing to share their acquired wisdom?

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