10 Tips for Newsletter Printing

One of the most effective public relations and marketing tools available to businesses is the newsletter.  But newsletter printing is no simple task.  The appeal of staying in touch with your customers and building trust is obvious, and newsletters give you this opportunity as a business.  But is newsletter printing really something in which your business should engage? The following 10 tips for newsletter printing can help you decide if a newsletter is really right for your company. l      Core customers – keep your customers in mind.  Why would they be reading your newsletter?  Write articles that your customers are interested in. lCore competency – focus your newsletter printing campaign on your area of expertise.  If you run a pet store, write articles that pet owners would be interested in, while avoiding topics outside your area of expertise, such as politics and sports.  These topics may interest you, but pet owners can find this information anywhere else. Printl professionally – your customers can tell cheap printing from professional printing.  Do not insult them with amateurish newsletter printing.  After 25 to 50 copies of the newsletter, you will find that a professional printing firm can handle newsletter printing for more efficiently than you could by yourself. Essential schedulingl – if your customers expect a weekly newsletter printing release, stay on schedule.  Being a little late on occasion is not a big deal, but regularly late newsletters tell your customer that it is not all that important to you. Editing – clarity, correctness, and conciseness should characterize your copy.l l      Sustainability – be reasonable with how much content you can consistently produce.  Burnout is inevitable if you try to do too much. l      Consistency – keep your amount of content similar from newsletter to newsletter printing.  You do not want to send out a 10 page newsletter followed by a two page newsletter. lLook and feel – keep the newsletter printing campaign’s look and feel similar from newsletter to newsletter.  Do not forget incorporate your company’s branding into the newsletter whenever possible. Get feedbackl – always look for ways to enhance your newsletter by talking to your readers.  Newsletter printing should improve the longer you engage in this activity.  Active feedback will help you improve faster than any other method. Guidelines – develop newsletter printingl guidelines to describe the overall look and feel, the tone, and the character of your newsletter. Hopefully reading this list does not scare you away from the idea of newsletter printing.  Newsletters on excellent way to develop trust and improve public relations, but careful thought and planning must go into effective newsletter printing campaigns.

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