Getting Subscribers and Generating Leads For Your Newsletter – Expert Email Marketing Tips

There are many different ways of getting subscribers to your Newsletter. Obviously, the first place you should start is on your website, doing this can get you an immediate flow of subscribers. You should advertise your Newsletter and place a sign-up box on every page of your site. Always use the sign-up box instead of a simple email link when you can because the results are far better. The top of the page is a better place for your sign-up box as it gets more exposure but the bottom is still good. Always include a privacy statement telling people exactly how you are going to use their email address and how you will keep it private, with all the talk about spam nowadays this is bound to reassure them, which in turn will increase the number of new subscribers.
Offer an incentive to your visitors. You should whenever possible offer them a free gift if they subscribe, such as a free report or Ebook. There a hundreds of free Ebooks which you can give away. You are bound to increase your sign-ups by doing this provided you offer them something related to your site’s theme.
Next you should submit your Newsletter to all the Newsletter directories you can find, there a plenty of them on the net, and some of them get really big traffic every month. If your articles are good quality and informative then newsletter and website publishers will be interested and your work could end up being published in endless newsletter editions and hundreds of websites. Not only will this increase your credibility, it could result in 1000′s more visitors, this is because at the end of all your articles which you allow others to publish will be a link back to your site. Don’t forget also if lots or your articles are published on websites then your link popularity will improve drastically. This will result in higher search engine rankings in Google and the other engines which use link popularity as a ranking factor, which or course means lots more visitors and profit for you.
Include details of your newsletter in your signature file. This is the little bit of text that you attach to messages you post on the Internet and the emails you send to people. You then can promote your Newsletter through you signature when you post in email discussion groups. Email discussion lists are great ways of communicating with people who have similar interests as the topic of your Newsletter. Contribute to the discussion by posting solutions to problems. You can also mention “We have put together more in-depth advice on xxx. Feel free to visit our website. You’ll find loads of free information and resources.”
This technique alone will drive much more traffic into your site. It also begins to establish you, the author, as an authority in your field. Once your online customers come to trust your information, they will also trust you enough to buy from.
Similar mediums to email discussion lists are newsgroups and online discussion forums. Remember that you cannot advertise your newsletter directly in any of these mediums, but having a little mention in your signature is perfectly OK (in most cases). The amount of subscribers you get through your signature file will depend on the quality of your post, if you post an interesting and useful article people will think that your Newsletter will also be useful.
Apart from these, Ad swaps are a very effective way of getting subscribers. You should find other publishers with newsletters similar to yours and trade ads with them. You run their ad and they will run yours. This helps both sides, which is another plus. You should swap ads with publishers no matter how many subscribers they have. Another method of ‘swapping’ would be to have the other webmaster recommend your newsletter in the confirmation email he or she sends to people who have just subscribed and you in turn could do the same for him.
It will take a little time to get your newsletter established but if you follow these few steps, you will have a growing subscriber base in no time. Until next time…take care!

Enrico Madrigrano is a well-known Italian entrepreneur and web marketing consultant, CEO and founder of Madri Internet Marketing

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