Simple Yet Effective Ways to Get your Newsletter Being Read

You have taken a great effort to come up with a series of newsletters. However, how do you make sure that your newsletters will be read by your reader? The answer is, you will need to create a professional looking newsletter.

Let’s me share with you some of these quick and easy tips.

Spell Check Your Writing

Before I proceed first, you must keep in mind that you should always have your spell check on your newsletter. This is one of the important fundamental to create a serial of newsletter.

You could easily do that by copying and pasting the text into Microsoft Word and do a quick spell check. Alternatively, you could check your spelling using tool, which is a free online spell checker.

Make newsletters readable

Do you know that according to recent research studies, about 50 percent of readers skimmed or partly read the newsletters? Only 23 percent of readers read the newsletters all the way through. The remaining 27 percent were never opened.

As such, we should make sure that the newsletter is more readable. Short paragraphs should be used. Bullet points could also be used to make it more readable. There should be plenty of white spacing between topics. The topics should also be highlighted either with uppercase or bold text in HTML newsletters

Nowadays, most of the internet user uses an 800×600 screen resolution, but the email preview pane is usually much smaller than the full screen. As such, you should format your HTML table widths at 500-600 pixels at the most. It will be much better if you will to use a relative (percentage) width table, which will allow your newsletter to be resized when viewed in different sized windows.

Make your subject field sell!

You should include your newsletter title at the beginning of the subject field. This will help the reader differentiate your newsletter from junk emails. It will also allow them to filter your newsletter into a separate folder with the use of filters.

By including the title is simply not enough at all. You should have an appealing subject title. You literally have seconds to grab the reader attention. So make full use of it.

Avoid using Unsubscribe word and Chain Letter word

Do you know that you should not be using the word such as unsubscribe in your removal notice? A number of spam filters flag emails containing that particular word as possible spam. The reason is many spammers now offer unsubscribe functions that don’t actually do anything.

Some spam filters are flagging emails that asks readers to forward the newsletter on as chain letters.

You should avoid using the word forward and any of the following words in the same sentence, all, anyone, every, friends, many, others, people. Instead of using the words such as forward, you could consider using pass, share, or send.

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