Advertising Boards

Advertising Boards are used very commonly all over the world in millions of shops and stores. They can also be known as A-Boards. Advertising boards can come in many different forms, they can be hung from walls, poles, up high, on skyscrapersâ?¦ the possibilities are endless. Advertising Boards can also ne on a stand (legs), they can free stand in shops to advertise any given product, event or anything you wish.

Advertising Boards can also have clips on the back, these can then be hung on the end of shop gondola’s, this can be a very big point of interest and can draw the eyes attention using striking images, text and colours.

Advertising Boards can also be wall mounted, they can stand behind counters for example, displaying other products that the customer may wish to purchase that they perhaps forgot.

An advertising board is essentially a boardâ?¦ normally wooden or plastic that advertising can be mounted onto, this tends to be a paper advert that is help in place by sometimes Perspex that covers the advert and attaches to the board.

There are many companies in the world that specialise is printing of these adverts for use with your advertising boards, they are completely customisable and contain any images or text you want, you can incorporate many different images at once, along with company branding also able to be printed.

It was in the 1980′s that advertising boards were first introduced, they first appeared in Football Stadiums, they were influenced by on-shirt advertising. If you look today you will notice that advertising boards ere now extremely common in football stadiums, in fact there can be hundreds in one stadium.

Football stadiums have advanced a lot recently and now use electronic advertising boards, these boards display and image that after a set period of time will change to another image (advert), the possibilities are endless and fade in/out effects can also be used.

Advertising in effect is an attempt to persuade the public into the purchase of something or the attendance of something; however some advertising boards can just be about awareness, to get certain people aware of a certain something (subject, fact). Essentially Advertising is a different type of communication.

Advertisements at times can use factual information to along with their persuasive information, the factually information is used to mask the advertising information, making you read it but not seeing it as an attempt to make you do something

If you are looking at advertising yourself and are unsure which avenue to take, advertising boards are an extremely good choice, they can be placed where needed and when needed, they are fully customisable in both shape and size. The advertising itself can be very striking and in your face witch as much attention to detail as required. They can even be designed to match say the design of your shop stands. Advertising Boards can also be colour coded to your business making them one of the most used forms of advertising worldwide.

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