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Advertising is a non-personal form of promotion that is delivered through selected media outlets that, under most circumstances, require the marketer to pay for message placement. Advertising has long been viewed as a method of mass promotion in that a single message can reach a large number of people. But, this mass promotion approach presents problems since many exposed to an advertising message may not be within the marketer’s target market, and thus, may be an inefficient use of promotional funds. However, this is changing as new advertising technologies and the emergence of new media outlets offer more options for targeted advertising.

Advertising also has a history of being considered a one-way form of marketing communication where the message receiver (i.e., target market) is not in position to immediately respond to the message (e.g., seek more information). This too is changing. For example, in the next few years technologies will be readily available to enable a television viewer to click a button to request more details on a product seen on their favorite TV program. In fact, it is expected that over the next 10-20 years advertising will move away from a one-way communication model and become one that is highly interactive.

Another characteristic that may change as advertising evolves is the view that advertising does not stimulate immediate demand for the product advertised. That is, customers cannot quickly purchase a product they see advertised. But as more media outlets allow customers to interact with the messages being delivered the ability of advertising to quickly stimulate demand will improve.


With the amount of people from home buying online expanding to now the billions and purchasing computers for their home, advertising online has grown to be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. Stats show that the amount of users on the internet is growing at such a rapid rate that it is predicted that in five years time, eighty percent of the population in the United Kingdom alone, will have a computer in their home that is connected to the internet. With this in mind one can only imagine how crucial it is to prepare yourself now in the advertising world online for that period when the web will be the number one place to get people buying from your company. Advertising online is predicted to be the most cost effective form of advertising. Have a look at the way the world is evolving where the consumer does not have to leave their home to buy anything. All forms of advertising are crucial if you are out to corner your market in the business place.

Could either make or break your business. There are various forms of advertising such as magazine advertising, newspaper advertising, internet advertising and advertising via mail order just to mention a few. Advertising via magazines or newspapers are affective but extremely costly. Companies invest large amounts for advertising in the anticipation of large rewards and therefore far greater risks. It is obvious that companies are willing to spend large amounts on advertising if the advertising that they are paying for makes them a profit. To find the advertising that is right for you can be a troublesome period of test and trial. Most importantly you need to find the form of advertising that brings profits to the business in the form of sales to balance out cost paid for the initial payment on your advertising campaign.

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