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All we know banner advertising has dominated the entire World from many years. Earlier everyone was crazy about banner advertising and they invested lot of money ridiculously on banner advertising. But once a time came when banner advertising lost it’s position due to arrival of dot com crash. Now many advertisers think that online banner advertising is the thing of past and does not have place in today’s advertising marketing. But truth is that banner advertising has still place in today’s marketing world.

But don’t think, I am saying luster of banner advertising has came back but now they are getting cheaper day by day and if you know how to utilize them properly I am sure online banner advertising would be a great advertising tool for you and your online business.


Banner advertising has large range of promotional campaigns those vary from cell phone to online survey companies. In fact almost every company that is selling their services through some form of Internet marketing has a banner advertising system set up.

Important thing about online banner advertising is that banner advertising is almost an art form and banner advertising campaigns should be monitored and launched by professionals advertisers. I have seen many companies that have sworn off banner advertising because they had spent thousand of dollars and much time but didn’t get any chance to succeed.


But that does not mean online banner advertising is completely dead and does not provide any benefit in terms of marketing and advertising. If you run a right banner advertising campaign then it can yield mutually beneficial results for the promoter and the product owner. You should follow some rules to run a successful banner campaign in order to make it useful and beneficial.


Very first things you should remember in banner advertising are niche and relevancy. Niche means your website theme and relevancy means banners placed on other company’s website should relevant to your company niche. If you publish banners relevant to your companies niche them I am sure you would get maximum benefit. For this you could join advertising networks that relevant to your website niche and they will ensure that your banners only appear on relevant websites.



Another aspect of banner advertising that you should focus in creation of banners. I have seen many banners those look very dull and are not able to grab the attention of visitors. Many campaigns fail due to unappealing banners because they are not able to express why they are on a web page and what they want to say? So if you are going for banner advertising then make you banners more appealing, good looking and should have some attractive text to grab the attention of visitors. There are also two types of banners that you can employ to promote your product, static and dynamic.


Static banners stay the same for all viewers while dynamic ones display a rotation of images. If you make an effort to create tasteful and effective banners that are placed on optimal venues you will see results. If you can’t do these things themselves then you could join any banner advertising network, which could provide banners according to your needs and niche and they also publish your banners on sites relevant to your niche that provide you good return in short span of time.


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