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On today’s busy Internet highway no matter what your website, niche or business is about you will find information streaming from every corner of the earth. No more so than from social media sites offering video content to both teach, educate and show you the path to take to reach your goals.This is why social media and video applications have become such a large part of everyday life on the Internet, remember back in the day when YouTube was just a twinkle in your daddy’s eye so to speak they had no real idea where it was going and what path it would take, but look at it now just about every other social media website models it’s self on YouTube’s success.Of course they are a lot more strict over content these days after taking a hammering in court over and over due to copyright issues and rightly so, If I’m surfing the net for video content to learn about something I would not want my search results full of TV or music videos that should not be uploaded without copyright permission in the first place.So how does a successful video website become a successful video website through using (social media) well first off you have got to have a decent video community script or portal, there are in fact at my last count over 60 video sharing community scripts no online, some free and some paid but that is still a vast amount.Personally to run a professional website it’s always best to stay well clear of the cheap or even free scripts, that’s not because they may not offer great support and updates but more because you need a good standing and want to portrait yourself to your visitors as been serious and committed in building your social media video website.We personally would always recommend the professional choice of using (Kick Apps) this is a social media platform with hundreds of plugin’s and modules that you can add to your website to turn it into an extremely powerful community application. (Kick Apps) is used by some of the biggest names in the business too yet it’s price range can fit just about everyone’s budget. Some of the top names using the application are Guinness Book of Records, ABC News, Fox and many more so you can see it’s gained a great command and respect online.Once you have your social media website online you will want to get some content on it as fast as you possibly can before you start to market the site to get visitors and new users, having a blank site will be a recipe for disaster and once a visitor comes and finds this they will leave and never return.We strongly therefore suggest using a very clever application online called VideoSwiper, this application has been serving video webmasters for just over 12 months and is growing extremely fast, rather than go through the motions of how it all works I’ll give you the condensed version, VideoSwiper is a video application that allows video webmasters to transfer media from one server to another in the standard FLV format and now with MP4 and HD support.VideoSwiper has over 1.5 million videos now cached in its database, this is a whopping selection of media in our view and more than enough in anyone’s niche to get the ball rolling on your media websites with video content. Once you have your VideoSwiper account opened you simply add a plug-in file to your website then add your website details to the VideoSwiper application, then your free to search the massive database for content, store the content in your folders on the VideoSwiper server and when you’re ready you simply transfer the videos from their original servers to yours to be played in your media players.There is a lot more to it than that and this application is huge but to keep it small and sweet that is what VideoSwiper does, also before I forget you can use VideoSwiper for mass embedding too you don’t have to use it for server to server as some webmasters are trying to keep their server bills as low as possible and to do this mass embedding is the perfect answer.VideoSwiper does also support over 24 of the popular video sharing scripts online so it’s not going to be just something like (Kick Apps) that has to be used to make good use of VideoSwiper. Our final thought’s are that when choosing a video community software always go for something professional, be committed and that can mean spending $1000 on the application alone before you even get started, take time to research your niche as you don’t want to start a social media site on a subject that is already flooded on the Internet and always use a service like VideoSwiper to make fast and bulk video transfers to your new social media sites before trying to invite new members, you need to give them something to do on your site rather than joining a site that is just a ghost town.You can visit VideoSwiper homepage by Clicking Here there is also another great free video sharing community script available for those looking for a simple solution and you can find that here Video SiteBuilder

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